Sunday, February 8, 2015

This Date in Jagr History: February 8, 1997

The internet is still on fire thanks to Dejan Kovacevic's quick update on #JagrWatch from 2 days ago. If you somehow missed it, go check it out, it's not much but it is always exciting when a #JagrWatch update comes along. Especially when the update is saying that the Penguins are interested in Jagr "maybe more than any winger on the market". Even two days later, that sentence is fun to read.

Double J was in action again last night, this time in Montreal against the Canadiens. He assisted on a goal scored by Mike Cammalleri early in the first period. Jagr picked up a loose puck, skated it out around the top of the circles and gave a nifty little pass to Peter Harold who took a shot that was tipped home by Cammalleri.

Double J's assist was the 1,068th (!!!!) of his career. The Penguins have 68 points on the season and Jagr has 1,068 assists on his career, there has never been a better time to bring him home. Jagr is currently on a 4 game point streak. During those 4 games Double J has scored 2 goals and 2 assists. Unreal that people still throw out the idea that Jagr is washed up. Granted most of the people who say Jagr is washed up don't follow hockey past the Penguins but still. Amazing that the idea is out there in the Penguins fan base. The Devils are 27th in the NHL in goals per game. Imagine Jagr playing on a team like the Penguins, with their power play.... deer god.

It has to almost be time right?

February 8, 1997:

Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Detroit Red Wings - 6 
Pittsburgh Penguins - 5

In this loss to the Red Wings Double J registered 3 assists and 5 shots. The win was the 1,000th for Red Wings head coach Scotty Bowman. The highlight video for the game is kind of long but it is a must watch. Seriously, sit down and spend the time to watch the whole thing. You will not regret it.

  • Doc Emrick on the call. He was even #elite way back then.
  • At one point you get a good shoot of Jamie Pushor (yes that Jamie Pushor). He is rocking an absolutely unreal uni-brow. 
  • Double J was all over the place. He made unlimited plays that were just insane. He could have easily scored a few goals in this one.
  • The stripes were god awful in this one. Petr Nedved was on a breakaway at one point and got hauled down. No clue how it didnt result in a penalty shot. Legit stunned.
  • Early in the 3rd period Red Wings goalie Mike Vernon loses his stick. Lidstrom, McCarty, and Vernon then proceed to play musical hockey sticks. I've been watching hockey my entire life and I've never seen something like that. Sure a player will give his stick to the goalie but that was ridiculous and hilarious to watch. 
  • Mario Lemieux had an unreal chance to win the game in overtime and instead tried to pass the puck to Ron Francis. Stunned he didn't bury it backhand.    
  • Right after Brandon Shanahan wins the game it overtime they show Scotty Bowman. 95% sure Bowman picks popcorn up off the ground and eats it in celebration. 
  • There were a few times the video showed the face-off right after a goal. FOX had some incredible graphic the entire time but the ones right after a goal were just insane.
  • Some unreal players played in this game. What a lineup on both sides. 



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