Tuesday, February 3, 2015

This Date in Jagr History: February 3, 2000

During the 2011 #JagrWatch we were tracking airplanes and learning about turtles mating patterns. The current #JagrWatch has been significantly less exciting. We are at the point where we are just playing NHL 15 and scoring unlimited goals with Double J to make us feel better. Our own @zackmorris82 has been #elite like always, doing his best to keep everyone entertained. 

Deer God

The trade deadline is March 2nd at 3 PM, you gotta think GMJR doesn't want to wait until the last minute to make a deal. On the other hand though, this is #JagrWatch we're talking about and it would only be fitting for it to last right up until 2:59 PM.

The rumor that is out there is there would be 2 different deals that would send Double J back home. Kunitz out and Jagr in. If that is indeed how it goes down we can only hope that a Kunitz deal is announced right after a game like the Goc/Lapierre deal was and then there be a day or so lay off before the Jagr deal is finalized. #JagrWatch was insane in 2011 but if something like that were to go down it would be actual pandemonium in the streets. All it would take would be a Josh Yohe tweet saying "the time is almost right" and the internet would burn to the ground. 

February 3, 2000

New York Islanders - 2 
Pittsburgh Penguins - 4

Roberto Luongo was in net for this 4-2 Penguins win over the Islanders. He stopped 31 of 35 shots against him that night. In addition to getting one assist, Double J led the Penguins that night taking 9 shots on his own. During his career Jagr took 12 shots two times, 11 shots three times, 10 shots ten times, and 9 shots nineteen times. Jagr was also on the ice for 23:48 seconds on that night.

This is definitely the calm before the storm for #JagrWatch. Buckle up because once it gets going again it's going to be out of control.



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