Monday, September 30, 2013

PNC Blackout

Well just so you guys are aware, we are taking a backseat to the Pens while the Pirates are in the playoffs. Judge us. Tomorrow is the NL Wild Card game at PNC Park and all of the Pirates are asking for all fans to wear black.

Don't be that jackass and wear white or yellow.

Also we believe that anyone who wears SteeLOLers stuff to the game deserves to be kicked straight in the balls, so if you are going and don't have a black PIRATES shirt, go fucking buy one at Marshall's, Wal-Mart, or off of the dudes who sell them in the streets for like $5. If you're going to the game, you can afford a cheap new shirt.

Anyways, we fully are 100% behind the Pirates and we will report some Penguins stuff, but until then

Go Bucs

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NHL 14 GM Connected

We're going to start our GM Connected XBox league on Friday.

The divisions are as follows:


Carolina Hurricanes - Zack Morris (@Off_Zack_Morris)
Columbus Blue Jackets - Andrew King (@kingling43) kingling43
New Jersey Devils - Gav Clarke (@RealGavClarke) GAV BCFC 1988
New York Islanders - Tom Harding (@tomthepenguin87)
New York Rangers - (@Beau19Bennett) DantheSmallMan
Philadelphia Flyers - CJ Thompson (@CJ_Thompson33) calbaseball33
Pittsburgh Penguins - Nate K (@bobbles412) Nate71629
Washington Capitals -


Boston Bruins - Ollie Jenvey (@Jenvey_O)
Buffalo Sabres - (@olivermaccache)
Detroit Red Wings -
Florida Panthers -
Montreal Canadiens -
Ottawa Senators -
Tampa Bay Lightning - Dwayne Cooper (@itzmedc)
Toronto Maple Leafs - Ryan Chessman (@cheeester19)


Chicago Blackhawks - Lenny Polinski (@lpolinski50) CalUHockey13
Colorado Avalanche - Matthew Blon (@MattJonBlon7110) jonnemo8771
Dallas Stars -
Minnesota Wild -
Nashville Predators -
St. Louis Blues - Josh Snyder (@White_Ninja_853) White Ninja 853
Winnipeg Jets -


Anaheim Ducks - David Anzelmo (@d_anzelmo22) 
Calgary Flames -
Edmonton Oilers - Maxwell Benner (@fenderbenner)
Los Angeles Kings -
Phoenix Coyotes - Brandon (@YoumeandDupuis) Malkin MafiA 71
San Jose Sharks - (no twitter) HAMBURGER TY
Vancouver Canucks -


Sim will occur every 3-4 days and we are playing 2 weeks worth of games at a time.
You may play computer teams.
You may NOT trade with computer teams for the time being.
Invite your friends to join as to we have a bunch of teams open right now.
Do your best to play all of your games.
Trading is encouraged and all trades will be reported after each sim on this blog.

Good Luck.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The Pirates are back in the playoffs for the first time in 21 years.  No words to describe the feeling.  Watching the team celebrate ranked up on my list of when the Pens won the Cup.  Just one of the best moments of my life.

Here's the two plays that did it.


Go Bucs.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Vokoun Out Indefinitely. Where Do The Pens Go From Here?

So after the pre season game against Columbus yesterday we found out that backup goalie Tomas Vokoun will be out indefinitely after finding a blot clot in his pelvis.  He left the morning skater early after finding swelling in his leg.  With Vokoun on the shelf till God only knows when, the Pens will be going to Jeff Zatkoff as the back up to Marc Andre Fleury.  Zatkoff spent the last 2 years in Wilks Barre.  Zatkoff has very little NHL experience so it begs the question, "Will the Pens look for a back up goalie?"  If that answer is yes we take a look at 4 candidates who could fill that void.

1. Jose Theodore
Theodore is 37 so he's near the end of his career and spent the last 2 seasons with the Florida Panthers.  He was drafted 44th overall by Montreal in 1994.  He's played 648 games in the NHL totaling 286 wins and 254 losses.  He also has a career save percentage of .909 and a Goals Against Average of 2.68.  Theodore would make sense in the fact that he would bring some veteran leadership to the locker room and he knows how to win.  He would be a solid back up.  The downside is he is 37 and near the end of his career so you may only get one season out of him.

2. Rick Dipietro
Rick Dipietro.  Yeah that guy.  Dipietro showed flashes of brilliance in his career but lately it's been mostly downhill for him.  He has 130 wins and 136 losses over his career.  Out of the 4th goalies we are gonna list DiPietro is our least favorite.  Like we said, it's been all downhill for him recently plus he is very prone to injury.  And lets be honest.  This is really the only thing Rick Dipietro is know for:
And remember kids.  Suicide jokes are funny.

3. Johan Hedberg
Hedberg spent the last few years with the New Jersey Devils after bouncing around to multiple teams in the NHL.  Hedberg was a solid backup to Marty Brodeur.  Hedberg is 40 and near the end of his career like Theodore so you may only get one year out of him as well.  The one reason we would want Hedberg to come to Pittsburgh is from a nostalgia stand point.  What are we talking about you ask?  Let us refresh your memory...
Hedberg is a former Penguin who won some big time games back in the day.  If called upon could he do it if Fleury still can't get his head right?  Who knows.  Still.  This isn't the goalie we'd want the Pens to sign.  He is a close 2nd to this man.....

4. Ilya Bryzgalov
Yes.  Ilya Bryzgalov.  Who most recently played for the Flyers.  Probably a forgettable time for him but for everyone else it was unlimited comedy.  Yes Bryzgalov is a head case....BUT.  He's 32 so he still has years in front of him.  He has also shown signs of brilliance during his time as a Phoenix Coyote.  To us Bryzgalov makes the most sense.  He has years left to play.  Hes not fragile and injury prone like Rick DiPietro.  Plus he's proven that he can play and win which could take some pressure off of Fleury.  Plus Signing Bryz would be the ultimate troll move by the Pens.  And you know if the Pens sign Bryz, he's going to shut out the Flyers.....In Philadelphia.

So there you have it kids. 4 legitimate options for the Pens at back up.  Hopefully the Pens do the right thing and give everyone what they want and sign Ilya Bryzgalov.

Also...If you haven't yet...sign up for the Heyyyyy Fannnssss GM Connected League on X Box 360.  A list of teams already taken is in a previous post so go back and check  out which teams are available.  To claim a team just shoot @YouMeAndDupuis or @kingling43 a tweet on twitter with the team you want and your X Box gamertag.

Real Hockey starts in 9 days.

Go Pens

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Heyyyyy Fannnssss NHL 14 GM Connected

So we mentioned the other day that we're gonna run a GM Connected league on NHL 14.  So this is the post to show what teams are available and we will update this until the league is full.   With the game coming out on Tuesday, we want to get this started so we can start ASAP.

To sign up, tweet me (@kingling43) or Brandon (@YouMeandDupuis) and tell us your XBox Live Gamertag and what team you want.  We will post the information on this page.

When you get on NHL 14, go to Online then GM Connected and search for the league.  Our league name is Heyyyyy Fannnssss (5 Y's, 3 N's, 4 S's)

Here are the teams:

Anaheim - David Anzelmo (@d_anzelmo22)
Boston - Ollie Jenvey (@Jenvey_O)
Buffalo - (@olivernaccache)
Calgary -
Carolina - Zack Morris (@Off_Zack_Morris)
Chicago - Lenny Polinski (@lpolinski50) caluhockey13
Colorado - Matthew Blon (@MattJonBlon7110) jonnemo8771
Columbus - Andrew (@kingling43) kingling43
Dallas -
Detroit -
Edmonton - Maxwell Benner (@fenderbenner) SidTheKidMB87
Florida -
Los Angeles -
Minnesota -
Montreal -
Nashville -
New Jersey - Gav Clarke (@RealGavClarke) GAV BCFC 1988
NY Islanders - Tom Harding (@tomthepenguin87)
NY Rangers - (@Beau19Bennett) DanTheSmallMan
Ottawa -
Philadelphia - CJ Thompson (@CJ_Thompson33) calbaseball33
Phoenix - Brandon (@YouMeandDupuis) Malkin MafiA 71
Pittsburgh - Nate K (@bobbles412) Nate71629
San Jose - (no Twitter) HAMBURGER TY
St. Louis - Josh Snyder (@White_Ninja_853) White Ninja 853
Tampa Bay - Dwayne Cooper (@itzmedc)
Toronto -
Vancouver -
Washington -
Winnipeg -

We plan to keep everyone updated with league standings and league leaders on this blog as our season progresses.

NOTE:  DO NOT play CPU games until we give the OK to do so.

Good luck.

Go Hockey.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


So as our post earlier stated that the Pirates were 1 win away from clinching at the very least, a .500 season for the first time in 20 years.  Well the improbable has happened and the Pirates beat the Brewers 4-3 to end 20 years of misery. Some of you may remember where you were on October 14, 1992, and have been waiting ever since that day for this moment and it's finally here.  Enjoy this Bucco fans, we all have been waiting for this and its time to celebrate.  Crack open your case of IC Light or whatever you plan on drinking and enjoy.  But just remember, 82 is right around the corner to guarentee a winning season for the first time in 20 years.  I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I'm savoring the moment.


Go Bucs

Heyyyyy Fannnssss GM Connected

So after one of the most boring NHL off season's in recent memory it's almost time to jump back in to the NHL season.  And the first part of that is buying the new NHL game.  The second part of that is training camp and pre season games which start in like 8 minutes.  But since NHL 14 drops in a week we're gonna start with that.  Me and Andrew were talking over the summer and decided when NHL 14 came out we wanted to do a GM Connected league.  So without any further ado we are extending an invitation to anyone that reads this post to join the Heyyyyy Fannnssss NHL 14 GM Connected League for X Box 360.  We are going to run with the default roster's from each team.  We will also be playing 2 weeks worth of games per week.  3 teams have already been claimed.  Phoenix, Columbus, and Philly.  We probably won't get the league running until late September giving everyone time to buy the game and get the league filled.  If you want to claim a team make sure you tweet me (@YouMeAndDupuis) or Andrew (@kingling43) to claim your team.  Make sure you send us your name and your X Box live gamertag when you claim your team.  We will keep everyone updated on twitter as well as here on the blog as to which teams are taken and still available.  If you have any questions just shoot one of us a tweet.  

Go Hockey   

So This Is Happening

So this is actually happening guys.  The Pirates are 1 win away from winning game number 81 and guaranteeing they finish the season with at least a .500 record.  If you are reading this post you are, like the 3 of us, too young to remember where you were the last time the Pirates had a winning season in 1992.  You have probably been told though about the horror story that started this all of Barry Bonds not being able to throw out Sid Bream at home in the playoffs that year.  Then in 1993 the losing streak started.  There were glimmers of hope the past 2 season when the Pirates were relevant in August.  But 2 collapses later brings us to September 3rd, 2013.  The Pirates have 80 wins.  We are not making this up.  the Pirates have 80 wins and 1 more win can erase 20 straight years or sub .500 finishes and losing.  Not only can the Pirates do that, they can do it in a house of horror's for them, Milwaukee.  First pitch in Milwaukee at 8:10.  

Go Bucs

P.S.  Another post in like 10 seconds