Monday, February 27, 2012

Trade Deadline Recap - Shero Holds

Since Ray Shero was hired in 2006, he made a trade at or near the deadline to tweak or shore up the team every year.  This year was his first year not making a major or minor transaction.  Here are a few of his acquisitions each year:

2007:  Gary Roberts & Georges LaRaque
2008:  Marian Hossa, Pascal Dupuis, Hal Gill
2009:  Craig Adams, Chris Kunitz, Bill Guerin
2010:  Alexei Ponikarovsky, Jordan Leopold
2011:  James Neal, Matt Niskanen, Alexi Kovalev

In each case, Shero gave up draft picks, fringe NHLers, lost prospects, and players from deep positions on the team.  By shoring up the defensive prospect pool, Ryan Whitney (Kunitz trade) and Alex Goligoski (Neal trade) became expendable to the Pens, but filled a need on another team.  In the case of the Bill Guerin trade, the Islanders were looking to dump salary and get something for a player who was certain to leave as a free agent or retire.

This year, there were no real obvious sellers aside from the Columbus Blue Jackets.  That made it a sellers market, inflating prices for rental players.  To trade with another contender would require proven NHL assets (you have to give to get).  This likely led to Shero making the few offers he did but never making any big strides in executing them.

From our point, the only two players who interested us were Tuomo Ruutu and Hal Gill.  Ruutu was re-signed by Carolina, and Nashville gave up more to get Gill two weeks ago than the Pens did to get him in 2008.

    Across the Atlantic Division and the Eastern Conference, no major deals were made.  Philly did pick up two defensemen, but neither one of them is a major difference maker.  The best move for the Pens is to get Martin and Michalek playing like they did last year, and the past three games point to progress in that department.  Adding Crosby to this roster doesn't hurt either.

    RECAP. Almost Forgot To Recap This. Pens WIN

    Columbus came to town yesterday.  The Pens took care of business even though it was closer than it should have been.  Brad Thiessen got his first NHL win.  Columbus sucks.  Rick Nash sucks.

    Happy trade deadline day.

    Pens next game is Wednesday at Dallas.

    Go Pens

    NHL Trade Deadline 2012

    Sunday, February 26, 2012

    Game 62 - Blue Jackets at Pens

    Brad Thiessen makes his NHL debut today.  It's also the final game before the trade deadline, so players could be pulled during the game or scratched all together.

    Columbus is awful, so hopefully the Pens dominate them.

    RECAP. I Think Malkin Scored Again. Pens WIn

    Tampa Bay visited Consol Energy Center for the second and final time this season.  All we gotta say is....Man do they suck.

    1st Period
    The Pens got on the board first.  Chris Kunitz banked a shot off a Hedman or something.  1-0 Pens.  Soon after Matt Cooke made it 2-0.  The Pens would make it 3-0 after a linesman got in Victor Hedman was and sprung Staal on a breakaway.  Staal buried it to give the Pens a 3-0 lead.  Tampa had a few chances but MAF was in everyone's mouth all game.

    2nd Period
    This game probably would have been 3-0, or 4-1 or something but Dwayne Roloson is a moron.  Malkin got knocked over in front of Roloson and Roloson went and punched Malkin in the face.  Dumb move.  The Pens got a power play soon after and Staal tallied his second of the game to make it 4-1 Pens.  Then Evgeni Malkin went into flat out beast mode.  Malkin sniped Roflson from a horrible angle to make it 5-1.  Malkin had an epic stare down of Roflson after that goal.  He wasn't done yet.  Oh and Tampa scored somewhere in there.

    3rd Period
    Malkin did this.  
    What.  A.  Goal.  6-1 Pens

    Malkin would add another goal later in the period to complete the hat trick and make it 7-1 Pens.  Then Pascal Dupuis made it 8-1.  Tampa sucks.

    3 Stars
    1.  Evgeni Malkin
    2.  Jordan Staal
    3.  Marc Andre Fleury

    • Jordan Staal scored his 20th and 21st goal of the season.  If he wouldn't have missed a month.  Man.
    • Why is Eric Tangradi playing?
    • Paul Martin hasn't sucked for 3 straight games
    The 18 win Columbus Blue Jackets come to town in like 20 seconds

    Go Pens

    Saturday, February 25, 2012

    Game 61 - Lightning at Pens

    1:00 p.m.
    ROOT Sports
    NHL Network

    New rule:  Not talking about teams that have non plural names.  They usually suck (i.e. Wild, Avalanche, Lightning) and none of them are in the playoffs as of now.

    Pens need to get 4 points this weekend to maintain a cushion on the 6th spot and possibly move up.  Good chance to get them with Tampa and Columbus coming to town.  We expect to see Theissen play in the Columbus game tomorrow.  Trade deadline is Monday.  Buckle up.



    Chris Kunitz - Evgeni Malkin - James Neal
    Steve Sullivan - Jordan Staal - Pascal Dupuis
    Matt Cooke - Joe Vitale - Arron Asham
    Eric Tangradi - Craig Adams - Richard Park

    Kris Letang - Paul Martin
    Zbynek Michalek - Deryk Engelland
    Matt Niskanen - Ben Lovejoy

    Non plural named team

    Teddy Purcell - Steven Stamkos - Martin St. Louis
    Tom Pyatt - Nate Thompson - Ryan Malone
    Tim Wallace - Adam Hall - J.T. Wyman
    Ryan Shannon - Mike Angelidis - Brett Connolly

    Victor Hedman - Eric Brewer
    Brett Clark -  Matt Gilroy
    Brendan Mikkelson - Bruno Gervais


    Wednesday, February 22, 2012

    RECAP. Its a Shutout on Fifth Ave. Pens WIN

    The leaders in the Eastern Conference, the New York Rangers, rolled in to Consol Energy Center to face a Penguins team that lost 6-2 to Buffalo on Sunday.  The Pens had a huge bounce back effort and played the most complete game they have all season.  The had a solid defensive effort, Paul Martin didn't suck, and MAF was in the Rangers mouth all night.  Did Eric Tangradi even play?

    1st Period
    The first period was pretty much meh.  The were a few times the teams would go back and fourth but nothing much.  The Pens had the puck in the Rangers zone for what seemed like 4 hours at one point, but couldn't beat Lundqvist.  

    2nd Period
    The second period was a lot better.  Malkin got a breakway after a terrible play by a Ranger defenseman.  Malkin walked in and waited for Lundqvist to go down and Malkin lifted it over him to give the Pens a 1-0 lead.  Later in the period the Pens would get a power play and cash in.  Probably the biggest goal the Pens have scored all year.  Steve Sullivan from the point.  2-0 Pens.  Watch the goal.  Beautiful screen by Matt Cooke.  Lundqvist didn't have a chance.

    3rd Period
    It was all about holding on now.  The Rangers kept coming and the Pens kept saying suck it.  You watched the time tick down.  MAF has gotten so close to tying the franchise shutout record but every time some dick would ruin it late.  Not this time.  MAF and the Pens D stood tall and kept the Rangers off the score board to win 2-0.

    3 Stars
    1. Marc Andre Fleury
    2. Evgeni Malkin
    3. Steve Sullivan

    Happy Miracle on Ice day everyone.

    The Pens play Tampa at 1 on Saturday.

    Go Pens

    Tuesday, February 21, 2012

    Game 60 - Rangers at Pens

    Rangers are first in the East.  Lundqvist is out of his mind.  Rumors abound that they're after Rick Nash.

    Orpik is out, Brent Johnson is sick.  Brad Theissen is up.  Ben Lovejoy will replace Orpik.

    Tangradi is up as well.  So we expect nothing from him.

    Not winning today probably seals us out of winning the division.  Go Pens.

    Monday, February 20, 2012

    Jaromir Jagr Flips off Quebec

    We aren't sure if it's his pointer finger or middle finger, but either way it's hilarious

    RECAP. What. Just. Happened. Pens LOSE

    There was a game yesterday?  Whoever thought it was a good idea to schedule back to back afternoon games for the entire month of February needs elbowed in the head.  Rags come to town tomorrow.

    Go Pens

    Sunday, February 19, 2012

    RECAP. Eat A Dick Philly. Pens WIN.

    The Pens rolled on in to Philly yesterday afternoon and had a big time 3rd period scoring 3 goals and beating the Flyers 6-4.  Not enough time for a full recap the Pens and Sabres are getting ready to come out for warm up.                                                                                                 Go Pens

    Thursday, February 16, 2012

    What Has Become Of The Fans At Pens Games.

    This is only the start of what is going on inside of Consol Energy Center this season

    Anyone who has watched the Pens for as long as we have knows that something is different about the way people act at Pens games this season.  We would say the origin of the change would be a few years ago when people would start wooing in the 3rd period when the game was basically in hand.  The wooing continued into last season but eventually died out.  It made a brief return this season, but some uglier trends are starting to occur.  From beating up pregnant women to "Bombay Sucks" chants at last nights game against the Ducks.  Here are some things that have been going on in the past few season (including this one) at Pens games.
    • Wooing - Ok we are all for being happy over a Pens win.  But what is the point of the wooing?  The guys over at The Pensblog made a point about this last season.  Last season people were wooing at the halfway point of the 3rd period of a 2-1 game.  It doesn't really help that the Pens changed their goal song to a song that says "Wooo Hooo".  Last night at the beginning of the 3rd period in a tie game the wooing made an appearance.  Why? 
    • USA Chants - The Pens have 6 Americans on their team.  The rest are Canadian or somewhere overseas.  The USA chants usually come out when Canadian teams are in town although they did come out last night against the Ducks.  Why we have no idea.  Do the people doing the USA chants realize three fourths of our team isn't American?  The 2 best players on the team are Canadian and Russian.  Also the do realize that one of the owners is Canadian too right? RIGHT?!?!  And without him this team is probably playing in Kansas City right now.  Stop the USA chants please.
    • The Wave - For the love of God stop the wave.  Last night at the game the same person tried to start the wave for a period and a half.  It worked 0 times.  Hell it barely got out of the section this guy was in.  Unless you have a full section ready to do the wave and others you are just making yourself look like an idiot trying to start the wave.  Not to mention it pisses people off behind you who are actually trying to watch the game.
    • You all know by now about the woman that got beat up.  We don't need to go there.
    Some things that were heard at last nights game:
    "Go Orpy"
    "Get it Jeffreys"
    "I'm begging for the lord to give the Pens a goal damn it"
    "Bombay sucks.  Bombay sucks"
    "Jonas Swiss Cheese Hiller"

    A fan, who will remain anonymous, was walking into the game at 6 o clock and someone came up to him/her and was already drunk.  Come one.

    It is getting to the point where it is almost unbearable to go to Pens games anymore.  The experience is being ruined by people who probably just started watching hockey 3 years ago.  Games in the 2003-2004 season were more bearable to go to than this and that team sucked.  The atmosphere at games is different now then it was 10 years ago and that isn't a good thing.  10 years ago people cared about the outcome of the game no matter how bad the team was.  Now, they get more excited about being on the jumbotron.

    A lot of these issues came about when the team started winning.  When we used to go to the games during the Dark Ages from 2001-2006, it was the equivalent of being a diehard Pirates fan.  People might have laughed a bit at you, but you had dedication and probably understood the game.  It was possible to have an intelligent conversation with other fans about Rico Fata's potential, despite the limited opportunities that provided.  Being at the game meant you really cared about the game and the team, wanted a cheap date with your girlfriend who you were trying to get rid of, or you were trying to score with one of the girls from the Penguins Patrol.  When the team started winning, going to games became more of a status symbol, and people are using the "I have tickets tonight" line to invoke jealousy in others.  Along with the team's success comes the bandwagon, and unlimited puckbunnies who go to games with the hope that Tyler Kennedy will go five hole on them after the games.  

    Is there a solution?  Unfortunately not. 

    RECAP. Teemu Selanne, Man. Pens LOSE

    The Pens really didn't show up for the 2nd and 3rd period.  Jordan Staal gave them a lead in the 1st.  The Pens had a power play in the 2nd and could have gone up 2-0 but they gave up more short handed chances than the had shots.  Corey Perry punched Jordan Staal in the face right before he tied the game.  no one probably saw it unless you were at the game.  Probably the only person we don't mind seeing score against the Pens, Teemu Selanne won it in the 3rd for the Ducks a drew a penalty late in the game to basically ice the game.  Veteran move by Selanne on the penalty.  What a player.

    Pens head to Philly for an after noon game with the Flyers.  Buckle up.

    Go Pens

    Monday, February 13, 2012

    Mike Milbury Advocates Headshots

    Click Here

    We aren't even sure what to say to this.  Mike Milbury is bizarre.  Basically said he wants Eric Staal elbowing people in the head.

    You know it's bad when Keith Jones is a voice of reason on Versus or whatever it's called now.

    We do agree with one thing Milbury said.  Suspend him.

    RECAP. There is Evgeni Malkin. Then there is everyone else. Pens WIN

    The Tampa Bay Lightning rolled into Pittsburgh last night for the first time since they eliminated the Pens in Consol Energy Center last April.  The Pens have split the season series this year with the Bolts the Pens winning the last meeting 6-3 in Tampa on a natural hat trick from Evgeni Malkin.  The Pens took the lead in that game and let Tampa come back before eventually winning.  Tampa took a lead in this one but the Pens came storming back led by who else, Evgeni Malkin.

    1st Period
    You could have pissed on yourself and it would have looked better than the start of game for the Penguins.  Steve fucking Downie handcuffed Brent Johnson to make it 1-0 Tampa.  Horrible defensive play by Paul Martin on that goal.  Gave Downie to much room.  11 seconds later Downie scored his 2nd of the game.  Can Steve Downie even count to 11?  Probably this turning point in the game was when Bylsma changed his defensive pairings.  He move Niskanen, who for as bad as he was last year has had a complete 180 and quite frankly been much better than Paul Martin, with Zbynek Michalek, and moved Paul Martin to play with Deryk Engelland.  It payed off.  The defense was shut down city the rest of the game and the Pens started their comeback. For the 2nd game in a row the Pens were down 2-0 and came back.  The Pens got a power play when Stamjoke's hair tripped someone.  The Pens wasted no time.  Letang found Malkin.  One timer top shelf.  Garon never had a chance.  2-1.  

    2nd Period
    Did Tampa even show up in the 2nd period?  They let Kunitz score a sick coast to coast goal to tie the game.  Brent Johnson got an assist on the goal.  2nd game in a row a Pens goalie got an assist on a goal.  Then a few minutes later Kris Letang beat Garon to make it 3-2.  Tampa Bay has to have the worst defensive corp in the league.  Mathieu Garon is just as bad.  Soft goal to let in.  Then the Pens put the game away.  After a waived off goal Malkin scored his 2nd.  4-2.  

    3rd Period
    Tampa Bay sucks.  No chance they were coming back.  Malkin tried hitting an empty net but hit missed a few times and hit the post with a second left.

    3 Stars
    1. Kris Letang
    2. Evgeni Malkin
    3. Chris Kunitz

    Quick Thoughts
    • Matt Niskanen has played his balls off
    • Neal-Malkin-Kunitz line is playing unbelievable
    • Tampa Bay sucks
    • Huge game for Brent Johnson to win
    Ducks come to town on Wednesday at 7 with our old buddy Bruce Boudreau behind the bench.  Might be Temmu Selanne's last trip to Pittsburgh.

    Go Pens

    Sunday, February 12, 2012

    Game 56 - Lightning at Pens

    Last time on Lightning versus Pens, Vinnie Lecavalier threw a temper tantrum.

    Let's see how much he cries tonight.

    Go Pens

    RECAP. What is Defense? Pens WIN

    Reading the title you might think the Pens lost.  But the only thing worse than the Pens defensive effort yesterday afternoon, was the defensive effort of the Winnipeg Jets.  The Jets made their first trip back to Pittsburgh as the Jets, not the Coyotes or Thrashers, since 1996.  The Pens won that game 9-4.  This game just about got to that total.

    1st Period
    The Pens almost got things going early when James Neal almost stuffed one past Pavlec.  The Jets went the other way and tried the same thing on MAF.  No dice.  But the Jets finally sustained some pressure and were able to stuff one in to make it 1-0.  Then a few moments later 2-0.  But the Pens would come storming back.  Dustin Jeffrey ripped a wicked wrist shot top shelf on Pavlec to make it 2-1 Jets.  Then James Neal ripped a laser into the net off of a Malkin face off win to make it 2-2.

    2nd Period
    The Pens got a power play early in the period because Chris Thorbourn sucks.  How he's an alternate captain is another story.  The Pens would cash in.  Malkin found Kunitz streaking down the off wing and Kunitz sniped Pavlec to give the Pens a 3-2 lead.  Later Malkin and Letang were in on a 2 on 1.  Malkin found Letang and Letang tipped it in to make it 4-2 Pens.  Dustin Byfugelien is a horrible defenseman.  Once again Bob says the game is pretty much in the bag and of course Winnipeg scores to make it 4-3.  Someone shut that man up.  But Winnipeg is still Atlanta and doesn't know what a comeback is.  Malkin was let in behind the defense and deked Pavlec out of his jock to make it 5-3 Pens.
    Pretty sure Pavlec's jock is in the rafters with the Elmo Baloon.
    Malkin has 30 goals this season.

    3rd Period
    The Jets tried to make a comeback again in the 3rd.  They scored early to make it 5-4.  But seconds after Dick Park Market tipped a shot in to make it 6-4 Pens.  The goal was Dick Park Market's 100th of his career.  Soon after that Jordan Staal, in hist first game back from injury made it 7-4 for the Pens.  The 11th goal of the game scored by number 11 and via the Pens twitter it was Matt Cooke's 11th assist of the season.  The Jets acted like they still had a chance or something when the made it 7-5.  But Andrew Ladd sucks and he took a stupid penalty giving the Pens a power play late.  The Pens would cash in again.  Letang would score his second of the game making it 8-5.  Game.

    No clue who the 3 stars are.  It's Sunday and we are too lazy to look.  Malkin had 5 points though.  He's on another level.

    Pens are getting ready to take on the Lightning in about a second.  

    Guy Boucher faces tonight!!

    Go Pens.

    Saturday, February 11, 2012

    Game 55 - Jets at Pens

    ROOT Sports

    *Disclaimer - There is a chance ROOT forgets there is a game*

    The Eastern Conference is tight as hell right now.  Pens are in 6th, only eight points out of first, but only four points ahead of ninth.  The Jets are in 10th with 58 points, only three points out of eighth.  Buckle up for the home stretch.

    The Pens are 1-2-1 in February, as they've cooled off a bit from the 8-4 record in January.  Getting points today and tomorrow against teams out of the playoff picture in Tampa and Atlanta Winnipeg would be huge.  Crosby and Asham also skated this morning, hinting that their comebacks could be sooner rather than later.

    Really no clue how Winnipeg got to be a decent team.  They didn't have any huge signings after leaving Atlanta.  They also beat the Pens earlier this year.  

    Jordan Staal is back today.  Also, former Penguin Chris Thorburn makes his long awaited return to Pittsburgh.  He once fought Derian Hatcher.

    Lines from Empty Netters


    Chris Kunitz - Evgeni Malkin - James Neal
    Matt Cooke - Jordan Staal - Pascal Dupuis
    Steve Sullivan - Cal O'Reilly - Dustin Jeffrey
    Craig Adams - Joe Vitale - Richard Park

    Brooks Orpik - Kris Letang
    Paul Martin - Zbynek Michalek
    Deryk Engelland/Ben Lovejoy - Matt Niskanen

    Andrew Ladd - Bryan Little - Blake Wheeler
    Evander Kane - Nik Antropov - Eric Fehr
    Tanner Glass - Jim Slater - Chris Thorburn
    Alexander Burmistrov - Aaron Gagnon - Antti Miettinen
    Tobias Enstrom - Dustin Byfuglien
    Ron Hainsey - Zach Bogosian
    Mark Stuart - Johnny Oduya

    Wednesday, February 8, 2012

    RECAP. Scott Gomez Sucks. Pens LOSE

    That title needs to be there to make us feel better about the loss.  Not that it was a tough or heartbreaking loss, we just hate losing to Montreal.  P.K. Subban was a dick again and finally someone stepped up and did what so many people have wanted to see done.  Kris Letang hit Subban with what can best be described as a flying clothesline from hell.  The Pens fell behind but came back again and forced the game to the shootout where they would eventually fall.

    1st Period
    The 1st period was pretty meh.  Subban tackled Malkin somewhere in there and then stared him down like Malkin just boned his mother.  Not sure who Subban thinks he his but whatever.

    2nd Period
    The Pens got a power play.  Yes a power play in Montreal.  Someone in the seats probably called 911.  Montreal had more chance on the Pens power play then the Pens did.  They had a 3 on 1 and like 5 breakaways but MAF stopped them all.  But the Habs finally cashed in when some Leblanc character scored to make it 1-0 Habs.  The Habs could have been up about 5-0 in the second but they suck and MAF was a brick wall most of the night.  

    3rd Period
    The Pens were on the PK to start the period.  Shocking we know.  But the Habs have the worst power play in the league and it showed.  The Pens took advantage.  Joe Vitale got deep in the Habs zone and threw a harmless puck to the net.  But the puck would bounce off Dupuis skate and into the net to tie the game.  
    The game is in Montreal so of course they took a second look at it.  The goal stood and the game was tied at 1.  Then you thought is the Pens could get one the game would be over.  But soon after the Pens scored Montreal out one in to make it 2-1.  Lars Eller looked like he was going to dump the puck behind the goal.  MAF started out of his crease to go play the puck.  But Eller faked out MAF and threw the puck to the net.  The puck hit the post then bounced off MAF and into the goal.  Vomit.  But the Pens would bounce back.  Evgeni Malkin worked his balls off after getting hauled down by Hal Gill.  Geno got the puck to James Neal who sniped Carey Price to make it 2-2.  New career high in goals for James Neal.  That was his 28th this season.  The game would eventually slip to OT.

    Overtime was insane.  Back and forth action with both teams getting some good chances but neither team could cash in.  Then with time ticking down this happened.
    Finally.  Bout time someone did that.  Subban is a dick.

    The shootout lasted like 100 rounds.  Malkin did this.
    But Turtleneck Pleckanek would get the final laugh winning it for the Habs.

    3 Habs got all the stars last night.  No way we are posting that garbage.

    Quick Thoughts
    • Hal Gill still has it
    • Joe Vitale is unbelievable
    • Scott Gomez sucks.  He got booed when he was announced in the starting line up and got ripped apart when he carried the puck.
    • Evgeni Malkin
    Pens next game is Saturday at 2 against Winnipeg.

    Go Pens

    Tuesday, February 7, 2012

    Game 54 - Pens at BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Centre Bell

    The start of the game will be delayed until 8:00 for a memorial service for the BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO's season.

    The Pens come into BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO having dropped two of their last three.  They have the chance to sweep the BOOOOOOOOOOOOOs in a season series for the first time ever, so we probably just jinxed it.  

    Lines from Empty Netters


    Chris Kunitz - Evgeni Malkin - James Neal
    Matt Cooke - Dustin Jeffrey - Pascal Dupuis
    Steve Sullivan - Cal O'Reilly - Colin McDonald
    Richard Park - Joe Vitale - Craig Adams

    Brooks Orpik - Kris Letang
    Paul Martin - Zbynek Michalek
    Matt Niskanen - Deryk Engelland


    Max Pacioretty - David Desharnais - Erik Cole
    Andrei Kotitsyn - Tomas Plekanec - Rene Bourque
    Lars Eller - Scot Gomez - Mathieu Darche
    Travis Moen - Louis Leblanc - Chris Campoli

    Josh Gorges - PK Subban
    Tomas Kaberle - Alexei Emelin
    Hal Gill - Raphael Diaz

    Two possible future Penguins in Moen and Gill.  Watch them.
    Go Pens

    Monday, February 6, 2012

    RECAP. Yeah. Pens LOSE

    No full recap.

    Pens looked like crap after a highly physical and emotional game in Boston.

    Pens head to Montreal on Tuesday.

    Go Pens

    Sunday, February 5, 2012

    Game 53 - Pens at Devils

    Prudential Center - Newark, NJ
    1:00 p.m.
    ROOT Sports

    The Pens roll into New Jersey this afternoon to take on the Devils.  Despite the tradition of the Pens stinking in afternoon games, they have won their last two, beating the Bruins yesterday, and the Capitals last Sunday.  

    The Devils are sixth in the Eastern Conference, right behind the Pens, who are in fifth.  While they cannot overtake the Pens today (64 points vs 61 points), it is a traditional "4 point game" where the Pens could come out 5 points up or 1 point up.  So it is a pretty big game in that regard.

    The Devils beat the Flyers 6-4 yesterday in Philly.  Ilya Kovalchuk beat some dude up.
    Also, go check out the The Paul Martin Powerball over at thePensblog.  Can Martin score against his former team?

    Lines from Empty Netters


    Chris Kunitz - Evgeni Malkin - James Neal
    Matt Cooke - Dustin Jeffrey - Pascal Dupuis
    Steve Sullivan - Cal O'Reilly - Tyler Kennedy
    Richard Park - Joe Vitale - Craig Adams

    Brooks Orpik - Kris Letang
    Paul Martin - Zbynek Michalek
    Matt Niskanen - Deryk Engelland


    Zach Parise - Patrik Elias - Ilya Kovalchuk
    Petr Sykora - Dainius Zubrus - David Clarkson
    Alexei Ponikarovsky - Jacob Josefson - Steve Bernier
    Eric Boulton - Brad Mills - Peter Harrold

    Andy Greene-Mark Fayne
    Bryce Salvador-Anton Volchenkov
    Matt Taormina-Kurtis Foster

    No idea on Goalies for either team.

    Saturday, February 4, 2012

    RECAP. Cooke gets his laugh. Pens WIN

    The Pens rolled into Boston Saturday afternoon for a matchup with the Bruins.  The last time the Pens and Bruins played the Bruins won 3-1 in Pittsburgh and it was the last time we saw Sidney Crosby this season.  Pens/Bruins game have and added animosity as of late after the Matt Cooke/Marc Savard incident.  Even though Cooke wasn't the first or last person to give Savard a concussion.  Matt Cooke would finally get the last laugh in this one.  

    1st Period
    The first period was pretty much ZZZZZZZZZZZZ city.  Business picked up with under a minute left when the Pens got a power play after a very questionable call.  Whatever.  It's the Bruins and we'll take what ever we can get against them.  The Pens would cash in.  The Pens got the puck to the net and the puck found its was to Malkin on the rebound.  Malkin had the entire net to shoot at.  1-0 Pens with 8 seconds left in the period.

    2nd Period
    This is basically what happened in the 2nd period.
    Not much else happened this period.

    3rd Period
    The Pens got the scoring started early this period.  The most hated man to Boston Bruins fans finally got a laugh.  Dustin Jeffrey threw the puck to the net, Cooke gathered the rebound and made it 2-0 Pens.
    The Bruins would bring the score to 2-1 when Joe Corvo beat MAF to bring the Bruins within 1.  After that MAF went behind the net did some PCP and was lights out the rest of the game.  The Bruins had a bunch of chances to tie it but MAF was all business and the Pens held on to the 2-1 win.

    3 Stars
    1.  Marc Andre Fleury
    2.  Zdeno Chara
    3.  James Neal.

    Whoever picked the 2nd and 3rd star probably snorted crack out of some hookers ass crack before the game.  No Malkin?  No Cooke?

    Pens take on the Devils in like 19 seconds.

    Go Pens.

    Thursday, February 2, 2012

    RECAP. Streak Snapped. Pens LOSE

    The Pens got shutout shutout by James Reimer last night.

    If you're expecting a recap of that then look somewhere else.

    Pens head to New Jersey on Saturday at 1.

    Go Pens

    Wednesday, February 1, 2012

    GAMEDAY. Pens @ Leafs

    Go Pens

    RECAP. Fuck Off Toronto. Pens WIN

    Kid in the hat (who is from Shaler) was a dick all night.  Left when Malkin tied it.

    The Leafs and their annoying fans were in town last night and the Pens for a while looked like they were still on break.  The Leafs dominated play for about 2 and a half periods.  The Pens fell behind by 3 goals in the 3rd period and well you know what happened.

    1st Period
    The Leafs looked like they got out to an early 1-0 lead but the goal was waived off for goalie interference.  Half the Leafs fans were chanting "Go Leafs Go" even after the refs waived the goal off.  Idiots.  The rest of the period was meh.  The Leafs committed unlimited penalties but none were called.  It's apparently illegal to call penalties against Canadian teams.

    2nd Period
    The 2nd period could be summed up in one word.  Vomit.  The Pens gave up an unrealistic amount of breakaways not only in the 2nd but all game.  Graballsky had one early in the period but hit a pipe.  It was only a matter of time.  Graballsky eventually was around the net and stuffed one in to make it 1-0 Leafs.  Then after Malkin got hooked behind the play Graballsky sniped one to make it 2-0.  Nasty shot.  To bad it should have never happened.  The Pens could have been down 7-0 at this point but MAF was in the Leafs mouth all night.  Got left out to dry on all the goals.  It looked like the Pens were going to go into intermission down 2-0 but Paul Martin put a shot on net and Matt Cooke tipped it in to make it 2-1.  

    3rd Period
    The 3rd period couldn't have started out any worse for the Pens.  First Tyler Bozak beat MAF to make it 3-1.  Then Clarke MacArthur scored to make it 4-1.  The game should have been 10-1 at that point.  You had that feeling the game was over and the streak was over.  But part of you still had some hope.  After winning 7 in a row you knew this team wasn't going to roll over and die.  The comeback started when Steve Sullivan ripped a slap shot to make it 4-2.  When Sullivan wound up to shoot that if you weren't saying "Why are you winding up" before that shot went in that's a lie.  But Jonas Gustavsson is in goal so any shot has a chance to go in.  Joe Vitale continued the comeback when he fought to get the puck in close and beat Gustavsson to make it 4-3.  You had that feeling.  The feeling from the Montreal game.  You knew what was coming.  Although it looked bleak because the Pens couldn't get the puck out of their zone.  They finally did and got MAF out of the cage.  They still couldn't get any shots on goal.  They finally got a shot on goal.  James Neal put a one time on goal it hit Malkin in the arm and went in.  4-4.  They would take a 2nd look at the play in Toronto because the Pens were playing the Leafs.  The goal stood.  Jesus.

    Back and forth during OT.  Both teams had some chances.  The goalies were in everyone's mouth.  Game went to a shootout.

    Malkin would be the only one to score in the shootout and the Pens would come all the way back to win 5-4.

    Pens/Leafs tangle again in like 5 seconds.

    If any Leafs fans actually read this...Suck it.

    Go Pens