Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Tomas Kopecky Show. Pens LOSE


The Pens traveled to sunny Florida last night to take on the Panthers.  Both teams had a vomit inducing 1st period but somehow the Panthers were up 1-0 after it.  Then the 2nd period happened.  James Neal tied the game early in the 2nd.  Then the Pens took about 3049287 penalties.  The Panthers then found themselves up 4-1.  The Panthers were like 4 for 8 on the power play last night or something like that.  The Pens scored a power play goal too.  They have scored a power play goal in 12 straight games.  The Pens eventually mounted a comeback.  Dustin Jeffrey, The Paul Martin Redemption Tour, and Chirs Kunitz all netted goals in the 3rd for the Pens to tie the game at 4 going into the 3rd.  The Pens had a chance on the power play to take the lead but failed.  After the power play was over Tomas freaking Fleischmann scored to make it 5-4. Tomas Kopecky netted an empty netter for a 6-4 final and a hat trick.

1. Tomas Kopecky
2.  Tomas Fleischmann
3. Brian Campbell

  • Someone threw a rat on the ice.  If that didn't make you sick to your stomach then turn in your fan card.
  • Tomas Vokoun started in net for the Pens.  He didn't get any help from his defense at all.  Not much he could do on any of the Panthers goals.
  • The Paul Martin Redemtion Tour rolls on.  He had a goal and was a plus 3 in 27:33 of ice time. (Led the team).
  • 2 point night for Best In The World.
  • Best In The World-Neal-Kunitz line all had 2 points last night.
  • Simon Despres was a scratch for some reason.  Don't expect to see him or Bortuzzo much any more now that the Pens signed Mark Eaton.
  • Good game from Dustin Jeffrey.  He had a goal last night but when everyone is healthy he'll be the one that sits.  Not Tyler Kennedy.
  • Speaking of Tyler Kennedy.  Last night may have been his worst game ever.  He had an absolutely terrible give away and took an extremely stupid penalty that led to the Panthers 1st goal.  Paul Bissonette only has 1 less point than TK and Biz has only played 12 games to TK's 20.  
  • Beau Bennett got an assist last night.

Jordan Staal and Carolina Thursday at 7.

Go Pens

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Game 20 - Pens at Panthers

South Florida.  Lots of rats down there.

That series was vomit inducing by the way.  Really was the first seed planted for the lockout in 2004-2005.

Back to this year, the Pens are 13-6 with 26 points, good for first in the Atlantic Division and 2nd in the Eastern Conference.  After tonight's game we'll take a closer look at the standings and look at what playoff matchups would be as of today. 

Malkin is apparently not working out, and there is no timetable on his return.  He will not play until next week at the earliest.

We are surprised that Mario Lemieux has not wanted that Florida player kicked out of the league for a hockey play.  Ottawa, take note.

Vokoun will be in net tonight against his former team.

Mark Eaton was signed yesterday to a one year deal.  Terrible signing in our opinion.  Gotta let the kids sink or swim at this point.  The only thing we see this as good for is a veteran presence at practice and as a veteran plug in the playoffs for when Matt Niskanen Ben Lovejoy Deryk Engelland someone on the third defensive pairing gets embarrassed again.

Game at 7:30.  Go Pens

Monday, February 25, 2013

HF Boards - Value of Letangarang

So last week we looked at what the HF Boards thought the value of Sidney Crosby is.  The Best in the World had a great week and basically said F Off to everyone who thought this could even be possible.

So today, we will go inside the depths of Kris Letang's hair and maybe figure out what shampoo he uses.
So this topic of Value of: Letang for a legit 1st line winger, was started when the Pens played the Caps back on February 7th and Letang didn't play.

Part of the reason this person wanted to know the value of Letang is "The Pens beat the Caps pretty easily without him in the lineup, so obviously they don't need him"

This is a pretty lengthy thread so we're only going to look at stupid proposals out of this or whatever.

Well other than a Pens fan says "Letang is our best defenseman, there is no way he will be moved"

The guy who started the tread mentioned that Shero didn't hesitate to move Whitney or Goligoski (which ended up being Kunitz, Neal, and Niskanen) and Whitney or Gogo weren't #1 D men.

Then a typical Leafs fan chimes in with a typical Maple Leafs offer.

 Kris Letang


JVR, Gardiner


Yeah, we'll just leave it at that.

So a Sens fan decides since Matt Cooke took Karlsson's leg off, that they should trade for Letang

Kris Letang

Michalek, Silfverberg, Ceci, 1st

Don't get me wrong, Milan Michalek is a great player and Silfverberg has some nice moves.  Yes, I have no idea what his first name is and I'm too lazy to look it up, but I feel like this trade makes absolutely no SENSe.  So yeah no comment from that.

So we now have a proposal from a Red Wings presented by Amway, fan.

Kris Letang

Johan Franzen, Smith, and Kyle Quincey

Okay, so Johan Franzen is like 100 years old or something like that, I have no idea who Smith is, and Quincey isn't a very good replacement.  So not sure this is fair value at all, nor do I understand why this is even offered.  But this is the HF Boards so nothing really surprises me.

So an Islanders fan trying to gauge value offers the following trade:

  Kris Letang

Kyle Okposo and Micheal Grabner

OR:     Ninoreideter plus Okposo or Grabner

First of all, didn't the Pens have Okposo at one point in time??   Second, Grabner really is fast as shit, but this deal is moot because no way the Pens trade Letang inside the division and theres no way the Islanders are gonna deal two of their better players.  So sorry bro nice tryyyy.  Have fun in Brooklyn in a few years.

Then a Pens fan asks "Tavares for Letang" in a Counter offer.

No way bro.  Tavares is to the Islanders what Crosby is to the Pens

Typical Leafs guy comes in "Kessel for Letang"

NOPE. By the way, why do they always trade Phil Kessel on there?

Then a Sens fan offers a new trade for Letang which leads to the best comment in HF Boards recent history by domaug, who is a Pens fan.

doumaug: "that's probably worse than the Leafs offer, which should probably get you an award"

But that Sens to Pens offer goes as following:

Kris Letang

Milan Michalek and Sergei Gonchar

All aboard the Gonch train, but NOOOOOOOOO.  Why trade your Top Defenseman in his mid 20s for a 38 year old defenseman with a year or so left and a mid 30's top 6 forward who probably would make the 3rd line, yes behind Beau Bennett

Some Ducks fan (yes they apparantly exist) offered "Bobby Ryan and Cam Fowler for Letang"

Hmmm....  Interesting.

So a Rangers fan wants in on the Letangarang action.

Kris Letang

Marian Gaborik, 2014 1st, and Brady Skjei

To me, this is basically Gaborik for Letang straight up.  Honestly, not sure how to make fun of it, other than in division rivals.

NO words for this next offer....

Kris Letang

Evander Kane


Dude's probably delusional from living in Winnipeg and being cold all of his life.

Leafs guys are at it again you guys.

Kris Letang and a 1st Round Pick

Phil Kessel and Nikolai Kulemin

Wouldn't be a HF Boards thread without Kulemin involved in rumors to the Pens.  Not sure how this deal justifies a 1st for the Pens other than Toronto thinks they deserve it being from Toronto.  Other than that, HAHAHAHAHA Leafs offers might be the easiest to make fun of.

Looking through the post and apparantly Vanek and Crosby equals 943093240290 goals or something like that?

And now someone offers a Pens-Rangers trade that MIGHT take the cake.

Kris Letang, James Neal, 2014 and 2015 1st

Marc Staal, Dan Girardi, Derek Stepan, Brian Boyle, 2014 2nd

Umm... Where to even start with this.  Brian BoyLOLe. Second, Neal to Rangers? LOL because trading a 40 goal scorer is always smart.  Letang isn't worth Girardi and Staal combined, so not sure how Stepan and BoyLOLe is enough for both Letang and Neal.  Picks are kinda stupid too.  NYR Typical i guess?

Then a Habs fan makes a Montreal typical move and offers something close to as stupid as the last Rangers trade.

Kris Letang

Max Pacioretty

Umm, I see why they want Letang, besides the fact he's one of the best defenseman in the NHL, but does this guy think this is even remotely close value??  Never change Habs fans, never change.  Bonjour!

Oh by the way, this might be worse than Kessel for Letang straight up.  BYEEEE

There was a Flames offer in there, but its too stupid for me to even make fun of it.

Honestly, there's so many more offers in this, but it's giving me a headache and some memory loss.  Especially with all the Kessel for Letang straight up deals offered on this post.  If you feel like wasting your time you can read the Value of Letang at                        

I started yinz off where I left off.  Feel free to comment or tweet me your thoughts on the stupid shit posted here.

As for Letang's hair, my guess is he uses Head & Shoulders

So well for what it's worth, that was the Value of Kris Letang, although half of those people are drunk.

Letang is gonna continue taking pictures like this:
And play hockey like this:
As for next week, who knows where the HF Boards will take us, especially with Malkin's concussion, the rumor mill on the boards could unbearable.

Thanks for wasting however long it took you to read this.

@kingling43 is my twitter again


Go Internet.

Go Pens.


No Geno. No Problem. Pens WIN


The Tampa Bay Lightning came to town last night.  It was Sidney Crosby's first game against the Lightning since Victor Hedman ended his season and sidelined him for months and months in 2011.  It was also the Pens first game without reigning MVP Evgeni Malkin who was diagnosed with a concussion.  Almost vomited typing that.  Since Crosby and Malkin have been Penguins it has usually been Evgeni Malkin carrying the team when Sidney Crosby was injured.  Sid has never really had to carry this team.  But now its his turn.  Crosby is going to have to put this team on his back and carry them while Evgeni Malkin is on the shelf.  If anyone says the Pens should trade for Ryan O'Reilly we will personally punch you in the face.

1st Period

Pens got on the board early.  Tampa turned it over in their zone.  Kunitz fed it to Best In The World.  Sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiipe.  1-0

Pens were flying.  Tons of chances early for them.  Tampa looked completely uninterested.  Then the Pens made it 2-0.  Pretty bizarre goal actually.  It originally looked like Chris Kunitz poked the puck in to the net. The goal wasn't waved off so you know that wasn't the case.  Then upon replay we see that the Paul Martin shot from the point hit Best In The World's stick.  The puck then sat on Lindback's pad before falling to the ice.  Then Lindback kicked the puck into his own net.  We'll take it.  The Pens could of had like 15 goals that period.  TK had a chance to walk to the goal all alone but chose to take a bad angle shot.  Typical.  As much as we hate TK you almost want to see him score to drive his trade value up. It looked like the Pens were gonna take a 2-0 lead to intermission.  But then the Pens went in 3 on 1.  The puck made its way to Paul Martin.  3-0.  The Redemption tour continues.
Gonna use this every time Paul Mart scores.

Joe Vitale fought Adam Hall before the end of the period.  Adam Hall sucks.

2nd Period

With the way this season has gone the Pens could have been up 100-0 and you would have still expected Tampa to make a comeback.  The 2nd period has been the Pens Achilles heel all season....Too soon?  Speaking of Achilles this Leafs fan tool this sign to Ottawa and trolled the hell out of Sens fans.  
This is pretty damn funny if you ask us.

Anyways.  Garon replaced Lindback to start the 3rd.  Some idiot named Killorn scored to make it 3-1. The Pens then found themselves on a 5 on 3 after Simon Despres and Craig Adams took penalties.  Adams' penalty was a joke in our opinion.  Bolts when to the power play.  Stamkos lined up on Stamkos street and buried it to make it 3-2.  Pens were on their heels.  They looked like they forgot to come out of the locker room for the 2nd.  But then the Pens were given a 5 on 3 of their own.  Kunitz drew an interference penalty and Bennett drew a hooking call. The Pens came out with Best in the World, Kunitz, Neal, Letang, and.....Beau Bennett.  It payed off.  Bennett got his first chance to succeed this season since being called up.  He was on Stamkos street for the power play.  Best In The World fed an unreal pass over to him.  One time cittttttty.  4-2.  The Pens still had some power play time to work with.  Nate Thompson had a breakaway but MAF told him to suck it.  The 4th line did work all game long.  They almost scored a goal too.  Vitale tracked down a loose puck and Tanner Glass blew by Matt Carle and almost deflected the Vitale pass by Garon.  

3rd Period

Some tool named Conacher made it 4-3 early in the 3rd.  No one marked him back door.  Might have been one of the worst defensive plays Brooks Orpik has ever made.  He was right by Conacher and never put a body or stick on him.  The pass also went right by him.  Whatever.  Pens were in Anit-Chernobyl mode.  Some dick named Panik had a breakaway but MAF told him to shove it.  Bolts couldn't scored and started to show the signs of being on the 2nd game of a back to back.  Matt Cooke iced it with an empty netter.  5-3.  The Lightning pulled Garon again and MAF tried scoring but no dice.  Game.

1. Best In The World.
2. Steven Stamkos
3.  Beau Bennett

  • 3 point night from Best in the World.
  • Kunitz-Crosby-Neal line looked good.
  • Another big game from Paul Martin.  He had a goal and an assist.  He also has like 11 points in his last 10 games or something like that.
  • Kris Letang is too good.  He mad a couple great defensive plays last night.  He also had 2 assists.
  • Can you have 2 Norris trophy winners?  Letang and Martin should both get it.
  • Beau Bennett now has as many career goals as Eric Tangradi.
  • Speaking of Tangradi he only played a little over 6 minutes for Winnipeg yesterday.
  • Dustin Jeffrey had a pretty good game yesterday too.
  • Simon Despres had a solid game as well.  He had 2 rough shift and was immediately demoted to play with Deryk Engelland.  He was with Kris Letang to start.  
  • Joe Vitale was 89% from the faceoff dot yesterday.

Pens take their talents to South Beach on Tuesday for a game against the Florida Panthers at 7:30

Go Pens

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Game 19 - Lightning at Pens

Probably the lead story going into tonight is Malkin's injury.  It hasn't been officially called a concussion (yet?) and there are rumors he is better.  Of course Rob Rossi, who is almost never right when it comes to speculating things, is saying otherwise.  So we sit here and wait, only knowing that Geno is out tonight.

If anything, Crosby's issues with the conussion(s)/neck injury can only serve to help the Penguins, assuming they learned their lesson in dealing with stuff like this.  Of course, every concussion is different.  Some players miss months, some miss a week or two, and some retire.  Too early to tell with Geno, if he is even concussed. Vomit.

It's easy to forget how much we hate Tampa Bay.  Ryan Malone will do anything for money.  Nightmares of Martin St. Louis and his Oompa Loompa brigade still haunt our memories of the 2011 playoffs.  Also there's this.

Hope to see Sutter step up with Geno out.  Dustin Jeffrey will play.  Go Pens.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Geno Down. Pens WIN


Yes the Pens won but a what cost?  Evgeni Malkin took a nasty spill into the boards during the 3rd period.  We'd post the video but 1 we are too lazy and 2 it's hard to watch.  Today we learned that Malkin was experiencing concussion like symptoms.  VOMIT.  Expect to hear the words "No Timetable" a lot in the near future.  Maybe Malkin will be compared to some big time sports car too.

1. Matt Niskanen
2.  Marc Andre Fleury
3. Jacob Markstrom

  • Bennett started on the Malkin and Neal line.  That lasted like 3 shifts or something.  Poor kid will probably be back in WBS soon.
  • Dustin Jeffrey got some time and scored.  Joe Vitale was scratched.  Jeffrey will get to see some more time if Malkin is out long term.
  • Robert Bortuzzo wast scratched.  It must be illegal to play both Bortuzzo and Despres in the same game.
  • MAF was lights out.  
  • Matt Niskanen has a goal in each of the last 3 games.
  • Malkin is already ruled out of tomorrow's game.

Tampa Bay comes to town tomorrow at 7:30.  That only means one thing.  Guy Boucher faces!

Go Pens

Friday, February 22, 2013

Panthers at Penguins: Alexei Kovalev Tribute

We're too lazy to do any real analysis cause we don't know anything about the Panthers, other than Panthers in Pittsburgh usually choke.

In all likelihood, tonight will be Alexei Kovalev's last game in Pittsburgh.  And what a career he had here.  Enjoy these videos in tribute to him.

How good was the Kovalev-Lang-Straka line?  Mannnn

Go Pens

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just a Little like April. Pens LOSE


The Pens jumped out to an early 2-0 lead.  But in typical Pens fashion pissed it away.  The Flyers made it 3-2 in the 2nd.  Then made it 4-2, 18 seconds in to the 3rd.  Insanity ensued.  TK made it 4-3.  Then some Flyer made it 5-3.  The Flyers would start a parade to the penalty box.  The Pens had like 8 straight minutes of power play time, including a 5 on 3.  James Neal would make it 5-4.  Then Chirs Kunitz would tie it.  Lol you know that was too good to be true.  Kunitz kicked the puck in.  No goal.  The Flyers would kill the rest of the penalty time.  You felt as though that was the end of it.  But the Pens were still buzzing and with under 3 minutes left Brandon Sutter got his welcome to Pittsburgh moment when he scored on a wrap around to tie the game.  Too bad that was ruined when Voracek banked a shot in off of Vokoun like 30 seconds later.  

1. Jakub Voracek
2. Wayne Simmonds
3. Paul Martin

  • You deserved to be punched in the dick if you left early last night.
  • The Pens power play is 2nd in the NHL.  When did that happen?
  • Kris Letang led the Pens in ice time with 28:20.
  • Paul Martin had 3 assists last night.
  • Beau Bennett only had 8:03 of ice time last night.  When are the training wheels going to be take off of this poor kid.  He was called up to play in the top 6 but yet he is being platooned with Sutter and Tyler Kennedy.  3rd line checker isn't his role.  He's a top 6 playmaker and should be playing with Malkin and Neal.  The Pens are doing nothing but hurt Beau Bennett's progression by playing him on the 3rd line.  This has the makings of ruining another talented forward (See Alexi Morozov).
  • Another point for Sid.
  •  2 point night for Evgeni Malkin.
  • Even though Malkin had 2 points last night and is in the top 20 in the league in scoring he looks stuck in KHL mode.  He's trying to do too much and dance around people like he did in the KHL.  But that doesn't work here.  Part of it is probably him having 15 different left wingers this season.  Kind of hard to find some consistency when your line mates are never the same.
  • Free Dustin Jeffrey and Simon Despres.  Is Deryk Engelland even playing this season?

Florida on Friday at 7.

Go Pens 

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Paul Martin Redemption Tour. Pens WIN


Last season Paul Martin was horrendous.  So bad that over the summer Ray Shero asked Paul Mart if he would like to be traded.  Martin could have taken the easy was out.  He could have taken the trade, and gotten a fresh start somewhere else.  He didn't.  He told Shero he didn't want traded.  He told Shero he'd be better.  So Paul Mart worked his ass off over the summer and the lockout.  And what we've seen this season has been the absolute best hockey we've seen from Paul Martin in his short time here in Pittsburgh.  He's gone from whipping boy to hero in a matter of months.  What a true American Hero.

1st Period

The Pens got off to a fast start.  Less than a minute in Brook Orpik put a shot on goal and Pascal Dupuis deflected the puck past emo Miller to make it 1-0.  The the Sabres took a penalty.  19 seconds after that Sidney Crosby, who owns Ryan Miller, scored to make it 2-0.  Crosby has some unreal point streak going against the Sabres.  The Sabres took another penalty.  This game had blowout written all over it.  Except the Pens decided to play with themselves the entire power play and didn't get anything.  That gave the Sabres momentum.  Cody Hodgson is awful.  He had a few bad turnovers in the 1st.  One led to a Pens goal.   But no one cleans out the front of the net for the Pens.  Ever.  Hodgson pitched a tent in front of MAF and found a rebound and scored.  2-1.  Vitale drew a penalty as time expired.

2nd Period

Pens couldn't get anything on the power play.  The Sid took a really bad penalty.  Mike Milbury preached discipline during intermission.  If there is a person who should preach about anything let alone discipline its Mike Milbury.  The Tanner glass went off for the stupid new face off rule.  What a dumb rule.  Buffalo had a ton of possession in the Pens end.  But they couldn't hit the net.  They could of had soccer goals out there and the Sabres would have missed.  But the finally got one.  Tomas Vanek deflected in a shot that was probably going wide to tie the game at 2.  

3rd Period

Tanner Glass dropped the gloves with Cody McCormick.  This gives me another reason to use this.

There was a moment in the fight that I'd like to point out.  At the very beginning Glass had his jersey up over his head.  McCormick could have plastered Glass.  Instead he let go of Glass and let him get his jersey back down.  Then they went about their business.  Very classy move by McCormick.  The fight was pretty uneventful.  Completely forgot Steve Ott was a Sabre until about 15 minutes before the game yesterday.  Also completely was actually playing yesterday until he scored some bullshit goal on a lucky rebound.  Steve Ott is a dick.  3-2 Sabres.  The Pens looked out of it.  Their play was sloppy.  But then the 1st line was like "We got this."  The went to work with an unreal shift in the Sabres zone.  You could feel it coming.  It was only a matter of time.  Then it happened.  Kris Letang undressed someone near the blue line then walked down the boards.  Then he made some unreal pass across ice to Pascal Dupuis.  One timer city.  3-3.  Letang made that pass through the entire Sabres team.  If that pass wasn't perfect, Dupuis doesn't scored.  Business picked up after that.  Both teams had plenty of chance.  Miller made a nice save on Neal.  Neal didn't get all of the shot.  If he catches that cleanly its in the back of the net.  The Sabres had some chances but MAF said no.  Then it was Paul Martin time.  Crosby-Kunitz-Dupuis were out there creating shit again.  The puck found its way to Paul Mart.  If you didn't stand up for this you are un-American.  He shot.  It went in.  4-3 Pens.  What a huge goal from Paul Martin.  The Sabres tried their best to tie it but couldn't.  Steve Ott tried chirping MAF after the game was over.  Craig Adams looked like he was gonna rip Ott's heart out and eat it.  Game.

1. Pascal Dupuis
2. Tomas Vanek
3. Paul Martin

  • Beau Bennett looked good again.  He created a few chances.  He needs to be with Malkin and Neal from now on.  
  • Big game from Kris Letang who led the Pens in ice time with 26:27.
  • For some reason Robert Bortuzzo only played 8:49.  Why dress him if that's all hes gonna play.
  • Is Tyler Kennedy even playing?
  • 3 point night from Sid.  He's really looking like the Sid of old.
  • Paul Martin for Norris.
  • Free Dustin Jeffrey.
  • Pascal Dupuis had 3 points yesterday as well.

The Flyers come to town Wednesday at 7.

Go Pens

Sunday, February 17, 2013

HF Boards - Sidney Crosby

So last week, we peered into the depths of the value of MAF.  After I wrote that post, the Pens went 3-0-0 with Fleury winning all three games, looking impressive in doing that.
Brandon (@YouMeAndDupuis) and Steve (@HF_Steve) pointed out to me today that there is actually a thread on HF Boards suggesting to trade Crosby.  No lie, they actually suggested the Pens trade Crosby

So the Original Proposal would be 
To Pittsburgh:  Tyler Seguin, Dougie Hamilton, and David Krejci
To Boston:       Sidney Crosby

First and foremost, I would say that Sidney Crosby might be the only player in the NHL that would be absolutely untouchable in a trade.  But to add insult to injury this idiot asks 2 really stupid questions.

1. Would this trade HELP or HURT the Penguins product on the ice now, and for the next 6 years?
2. From a value POV, is this a good trade for either team, if not, whats missing?

Well dumbass, let me answer these two questions for you before we see what the brilliant minds on HF Boards have to say.

1. First of all, Crosby is the Captain and leader of the Pens, plus he is playing like he was before he was hurt in 2011.  Secondly, Sid is the backbone to the Pens for the most part, when he's playing well, the team responds the same.  Also bro, he's 2nd in the league in scoring, so I think he's doing just fine in Pittsburgh.
2. There is not good value for this trade because Crosby is untouchable.  He's going to be like Mario and play his entire career for one team, rightfully so.  He's the best player in the game and deserves to only wear one uniform.

But lets see what some of these "Genius GM's" have to say.

Also... I think most teams beat that offer in 5 seconds if it was shopped around as being considered. 

If I was the TML GM, I would offer up way more than this to get him in a Toronto Jersey.

Maybe a first or two... kessel, gardiner, rielly, frattin... etc. Pretty much whatever the Pens wanted if they could take the contract count and salary cap. How many times can you trade for the best player in the game?

I would probably also offer a similar package for Malkin.

Uhhh, Crosby in Toronto??

Canada would have an ultimate hard on for that, but sorry to take a jab at the Leafs here, but I think Crosby is better than virtually all of those players combined let alone individually.  Plus the Leafs would still miss the playoffs with Sid, so its pointless to imagine Sid in Toronto

IceDaddy on HF Boards makes a valid point
1. Crosby is not available
2. No team would give up the assets that would take to acquire Crosby

Then some Pens fan actually makes some sort of counter offer if you will
I would want Bostons entire first line of Lucic, Krejci, Horton plus 2 1sts and then factor his being the face of your team now and the league, how much is that worth to you in roster players, prospects, and picks? If they could still trade money we're talking hundreds of millions the Pens loose out on over Crosby's contract.

Reasoning: The Pens are built around Crosby and the fact he's able to do more with less, more moves would be required.

Why even taunt them dumbass? Do you actually wanna trade Crosby? He also mentions the Pens lose out on Crosby's contract but does he realize what Lucic, Krejci, and Horton make?

Capgeek will help us there

David Krejci - $3.75 million for next 3 years
Milan Lucic - $6.00 million for next 3 years
Nathan Horton - $4.00 million and is UFA after this season

Sidney Crosby - $8.7 million for next 10 years

So besides trading the Best player in the world, well if Clode wants to hand that back to Sid

Yep. Nickelback sends this back to Sid, not that it really left him

But my point is, besides trading the best player in the world, the Pens actually take on a couple million in Cap Space, plus Horton is a Free Agent, so stupid argument bro. By the way, I'm revoking your fan card.
I don't know where it was, but some Assclown said that he thinks Sid will be traded at some point in his career. 

Pretty sure not bro.

among the Bruins fan base, apparently, Crosby has had 3832974774 concussions in his career and is a cross-check away from having to eat through a tube for the rest of his life. so, Crosby wouldn't even be their best player. 

Pretty sure he's as healthy as ever. Byeeee.

Some Bruins fan makes some idiotic trade between the Pens and Caps to show how Bruins fans feel about the trade.  Probably drank a case of Sam Adams before coming up with this trade.

To Pitt:

To Washington:

How does that go over for you Pens fans?

In fairness, I see his point, but also Ovechkin isn't exactly the player Sid is.

Some idiot says trading Crosby would make the Pens better.

In my eyes it is a fair deal for Crosby. If you take a look at their line up after the deal:
Neal; Malkin; Knunitz
Seguin; Krejci;Cooke

Then Hamilton being added with Letang on the top pairing
Hamilton, Legang\

The team would be deeper and better.

So Matt Cooke is in the Top 6, Dupuis isn't, and the best player in the world gone makes the team better?  

Learn how to spell Letang bro.

Okay, I just wanted to use that picture.

At this point, I just wanna go lay down in a pile of gasoline, and light myself on fire for just the fact people are suggesting that this could even be a possibility.

Call me crazy but Pittsburg needs to add. Crosby has concussion issues and were taking a huge risk giving up 3 potential franchise players. I understand Crosby is one of the best players in the Nhl but I would rather have Malkin then Crosby at this point.

Pittsburgh with an H bro.  But Crosby has concussion issues? Tell that to Sid, he's only 2nd in points and looks like he did in 2010.  And I love Geno, but when Sid is on his game, which he seems to be right now, there is NO ONE better, including Geno.  So go back to liking the Blue Jackets or some shit. 

Then some Pens fan takes a jab at the Ovechkin for Neal, Kunitz, and Letang deal.

Considering Ovechkin makes 9.5 mil per and has been less productive than Kunitz since the start of '11-'12, that's a pretty retarded comparison.

We don't want to trade the consensus best player in the world for your young, good players. Or anybody else.

Get over it.

Good point, can't really make fun of this.

Then some Oilers fan says this.

Crosby has 132 points in his last 82 games played, how is he not the player he once was?...

Also Why would Pittsburgh accept that garbage for Crosby, When they could fetch a lot more of an overpayment from any team in the league...I mean If i were the Oilers GM, I would Cough up my 2013 First, 2014 First, Hall, Gagner, Nugent-Hopkins...Which trumps your offer by far.

Good point, on both ends.  But as much as I sorta like the Oilers, theres no way the Pens trade the best player in the world for 3 unproven young stars plus 2 picks, but if I had to pick any deal in this thread, this would probably be the closest value to 87, not that any of this is actually realistic.

Crosby has 136 points in his last 82 games. Boston fans is duuuuumb.


if we were to trade Crosby to Boston, in my opinion Seguin, Lucic, and one of either Bergeron or Marchand r coming back our way

Pens fan suggested ^.  All I have to say is dude, why even consider offers?

In another thread, some retarded Flames fan suggested

To Calagary:  Sidney Crosby
To Pittsburgh:  10 straight 1st Round Picks.

Dude, I'm not sure if serious, but that doesn't even happen in NHL 13.

Even a Flyers fan told the Calgary dude he sucked.

Soooooooo, what did we learn from this post??

Probably nothing other than people on the HF Boards are probably the dumbest people in the world, scary to think some of these people are allowed to reproduce. 

But long story short, if you feel like jumping off a bridge or something, go to the HF Boards and just read some of the trade rumors, you'll be blown out of your mind.

Hopefully next week we can talk about what type of Shampoo Kris Letang uses.

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Go Internet.

Go Pens.