Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gameday. Pens at Panthers

BB&T Center. Sunrise, Florida. 7 pm. ROOT

Haylie has vanished from the face of the Earth, probably due to her ginger cult problems, so I decided to do a gameday since we haven't had one in 9328432 games. Pens are in Florida after beating Tampa Bay with a Black Friday Discount. Luckily, the back to back in Florida means the Pens probably didn't have enough time to enjoy the South Florida sun. Jeff Zatkoff likely in net for the Pens. Old Man Tim Thomas probably in net for the Panthers.

Kunitz - Crosby - Dupuis
Jokinen - Malkin - Neal
Conner - Sutter - Ebbett
Adams - Vitale - Megnatron

Engellend (Vom) - Orpik
Maatta - Letang
Despres - Niskanen (Vom)


Huberdeau - Bjugstad - Fleischmann
Upshall - Barkov - Boyes
Goc - Gomez - Bergenheim
Hayes - Matthias - Winchester

Campbell - Gilbert
Gudbranson - Olsen
Kulikov - Weaver



Pens - Half of the roster
Panthers - No clue.


- Huberdeau is nasty.
- Chris Conner sucks. So does Deryk Engellend
- #FreeBortuzzo
- No clue who some of these guys on Florida even are.

Go Pens

RECAP. 700 Crosby. Pens Win



I didn't watch much of the game, but the Pens won 3-0.  Crosby had 3 assists and his second assist was his 700th career NHL point in his 497th NHL game. One of only 6 other players who have scored 700 points in less than 500 games. Ho hum, two more points for Evgeni Malkin (he still apparantly sucks) and MAF's 3rd Shutout of the season (he sucks too). Game in like 2 minutes against Florida

Go Pens

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

RECAP. TorontLOL MapLOLe LOLeafs. Pens WIN

Honestly don't feel like doing a full recap so if you want one go somewhere else.  The Pens had no business winning this game.  After Chris Connor, yes Chris Conner, scored the first goal the Pens imploded.  They found themselves down 4-1.  Yes 4-1.  It was all too perfect.  They Leafs are the Mayor's of Blown 4-1 leads city.  And tonight, they blew another one.  Evgeni Malkin took the Pens on his back and carried them to the win.  He started the come back, tied the game, and won the game in the shootout.  Had it not been for a disallowed goal he would of had a hat trick.  Malkin high sticked a puck near the goal crease, the puck was swatted by Bernier and made its way into the goal.  The goal was waived off.  It's not the first time we've seen a play like this.  Back in the 11-12 season Matt Cooke had the same thing happen to him.  He high sticked the puck, it hit the Rangers goalie and another Ranger player and went in to the net.  That goal wad waived off too.  Here's the thing.  The NHL rule book contradicts itself when it comes to this type of play.  Take a look at the second period of our recap from that Rangers game.  You can find that by clicking HERE.  If you don't want to go to that post here are the rules below:
RULE 80.3 Disallowed Goal: When an attacking player causes the puck to enter the opponent's goal by contacting the puck above the height of the crossbar, either directly or deflected off any player or official, the goal shall not be allowed.  The determining factor is where the puck makes contact with the stick.  If the puck makes contact with the stick below the level of the crossbar and enters the goal, this goal should be allowed.

A goal scored as a result of the defending player striking the puck with his stick carried above the height of the crossbar of the goal frame into his own goal shall be allowed.

BUT where it gets really confusing is this rule.

RULE 80 - High Sticking the Puck

RULE 80.1 High Sticking the Puck: Batting the puck above the normal height of the shoulders with a stick is prohibited.  When a puck is struck with a high stick and subsequently comes into the possession and control of a player from the offending team (including the player who made contact with the puck), either directly or deflected off any player or official, there shall be a whistle.

When a puck has been contacted by a high stick, the play shall be permitted to continue, provided that:

(i) the puck has been batted to an opponent (when a player bats the puck to an opponent, the referee shall give the "washout" signal immediately.  Otherwise, he will stop play)

(ii) a player of the defending side shall bat the puck into his own goal in which the goal shall be allowed.
Complete contradiction.
But it's over and done with.  The Pens won.  Their next game is a bizarre 4 p.m. game in Tampa.
Go Pens

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Brandon Sutter Compliments the #FSPensSection

So Brandon Sutter had some nice things to say about the #FSPensSection from the other night. 
If you haven't seen the video click HERE
Tried to embed the video into the post but that obviously didn't happen.
Can't wait for someone to job Sutter for alienating all the fans that weren't in section 120.
Go Pens 

RECAP. Not Quite Enough. Pens LOSE

The Pens were in Boston last night for the first time since their season ended there in June.  A couple alarming things came out of this game.  The Pens once again dominated a team early but couldn't score.  Then they gave up 2 goals in a matter of minutes to go down 2-nil after 1.  The first goal is one that Brooks Orpik wants to forget.  He first whiffs on a shot at the point allowing the Bruins to go the other way.  Then he inexplicably leaves  2 guys open going down the ice because he went to double team someone.   One of those people was Loui Eriksson who walked in all alone and beat Fleury 5 hole to make it 1-0.  Then the Pens took a penalty because Deryk Engelland and the 2.3 million dollar turnover machine Matt Niskanen both turned the puck over leading to Pascal Dupuis taking a penalty.  He's the last person that needs to be taking a penalty with Tanner Glass on the shelf for who knows how long and OCDB not allowing the Best Hockey Player in the World to kill penalties.  This is another goal Brooks Orpik would like to forget.  He once again leaves his position leaving the back door wide open.  Easy goal for the Bruins to make it 2-0.
The Pens would get one back in the second though.  James Neal ripped a laser past Tuuka Rask to make it 2-1.  Later in the period Neal hit the crossbar.  The Pens were down 2-1 going into the 3rd and but that would change.  James Neal, who is on fire right now, blew another shot past Tuuka Rask to tie the game.  This game got put into a nut shell on one play.  Zdeno Chara threw a harmless shot on goal that Sidney Crosby deflected into his own net.  3-2 Bruins.  Knowing Sidney Crosby you know if he makes a mistake he is going to want to make up for it.  And he did.  In dramatic fashion.  The Pens had an empty net.  The thing is.  The looked like a damn dumpster fire.  Couldn't get anything set up.  The finally did.  Time was ticking away though.  James Neal threw a shot at the net with around 5 second left.  Rask saved it but there was a rebound.  Chris Kunitz was chopping at it.  The puck found its way to who else.  Sidney Crosby who chipped it into the net at time expired.  Here is the video:

There is a reason why we call him the "Best In The World".  That was it. 
That goal would be all for not though.  As the Bruins ended up scoring like 12 seconds in to overtime.  Not really but close.

1. Torrey Krug
2. James Neal
3. Tuuka Rask
  • We said at the beginning of this recap that 2 alarming things came out of this game.  They are:  1.  The Pens dominated another team early in the first.  Couldn't scored.  And went into the 1st intermission behind.  2.  The Pens have had 72 giveaways in the last 9 games.  Yikes.
  • James Neal is starting to heat up.  He has 4 goals in 2 games. 
  • Brooks Orpik has been dreadful lately.
  • Beau Bennett is out for 8-10 weeks. :(
  • Tanner Glass was put on IR too.  No time table was given for him yet.
  • Robert Bortuzzo was scratched for some stupid reason and Deryk Engelland played.  Deryk Engelland also couldn't clear the puck that lead to a Pens penalty and eventually a goal.
With Tanner Glass out and OCDB's refusal to use Crosby and Malkin on the PK the Pens really need to look at making a move in our opinion.  We would be all for trading Matt Niskanen to bring in a gritty, 3rd line forward that can kill penalties.  Maybe that one the Pens let go to Minnesota in free agency.  Trading Matt Niskanen would open the door to call up Simon Despres who was lighting the AHL up couple of weeks ago.  Then Despres could play with Letang because last year those 2 showed some great chemistry together and Maatta could play with Bortuzzo.  But we know that won't happen because the Pens front office is clueless and well Dan Bylsma is still the coach.
Pens next game is Wednesday against the Leafs who got fisted by Columbus last night. 6-nil.  Lol.
Go Pens

Sunday, November 24, 2013

RECAP. Price is Right. Pens LOSE

The Pens made a trip to one of out favorite places to play last night.  Favorite because it's what a hockey crowd should be like minus the booing for everything that doesn't go Montreal's way.  The first period was pretty even.  Malkin looked like he did acid before the game.  He was everywhere last night.  The teams traded chances but no dice.  Crosby embarrassed someone on a rush into the zone but instead of shooting he passed.  Its really frustrating when this team passes up shots to try and make a pretty play.  The Habs would get on the board first.  Olli Maatta made pretty much his first huge mistake of the season.  He had the puck on the left wing side of his zone.  No Penguin went to him for a pass son instead of going D to D or backing up, going behind the goal and setting something up he tried forcing a cross ice pass.  Max Pacioretty picked it off and sniped Fleury to make it 1-nil Montreal.  The game went 1-nil to the 3rd period when Max Pacioretty showed up again.  He darted down the right wing and sniped Fleury again to make it 2-nil Montreal.  Pacioretty obviously was trying to show off for Dan Bylsma who will be coaching Team USA in the Olympics.  Someone should have told Pacioretty that if he wanted to show off for Dan Bylsma he would have grinded all game and not try to score.  Not long after that Tomas Pleckanek's turtle neck made it 3-nil Montreal.  Ole Ole Ole.  The Pens would fight back though.  James Neal launched a laser beam past Fisher Price to make it 3-1.  Neal would make it 3-2 after he deked Price after Malkin went coast to coast.  Like we said.  Malkin was on acid because when Neal scored that goal Geno went crashing back first into the boards.  He didn't even miss a shift.  The Pens comeback attempt would fall short though as the couldn't beat Price with the extra attacker.  Add to that James Neal took a penalty with about 20 or so second left.
Pens next game is in Boston on Monday night. 
Go Pens

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gameday: Pens at Habs

Centre Bell. 7:00 PM. Root, CBC, RDS

After the #FSPensSection helped the Pens beat the Isles last night, the Pens travel to Qu├ębec to play the Habs. If the playoffs started today, this would be your First Round matchup. Buckle up. Over/under 2 minutes until Habs fans decide to boo something irrelevant. MAF is back in net and playing in basically his hometown.

Never Forget

Lines (no idea if actually accurate)

Kunitz - Crosby - Dupuis
Jokinen - Malkin - Neal
Gibbons - Sutter - D'Agostini
Glass - Vitale - Adams

Letang - Maatta
Martin - Orpik
Niskanen - Engellend (gag)


Galchenyuk - Eller - Gallagher
Paciorretty - Plekanec - Gionta
Bourque - Desharnais - Leblanc
Bournival - White - Moen

Markov - Subban
Gorges - Diaz
Murray - Bouillon


- Pens first game vs Douglas Murray since he signed in Montreal after the playoffs last year.
- Beau Bennett didn't make the trip to Montreal.
- Carey Price sucks

Go Pens

Aller Pingouins

RECAP. #FSPensSection. Pens WIN

Every time we bitch and complain about the way the crowd acts at Corporate Entitlement Center we always talk about how our dream is for the fans to be rowdy and into the game more and not just during the playoffs.  Last night our dream came true.  Kind of.  Thanks to our friends Mikey and Big Bob from the Kiss Morning Freak Show 100 of the craziest Pens fans got to go to last nights game for free.  Me and Andrew included.  Haylie was probably doing some Ginger Cult things as per usual.  Anyways.  The 100 of us that were there were going nuts all game long.  Standing and screaming for every power play.  Heckling the Islanders and so on and so on.  It was great.  Shero Jesus was there.
There were also giant Rob Ford and Bob Ross heads.
No clue why these picture look like ass but if you want to see more click HERE to go to the Freak Show page for more pictures and a video of the crowd after the Sid goal.

Other than the ushers telling us to sit down even though there was no one behind us.  That is everything that is wrong with Corporate Entitlement Center.  But oh well.  It was a great time regardless.  And to everyone that bitched about the section and said the Pens were alienating the fans not in section 120.  You wouldn't be saying that if you were in the section now would you?  Now for the game recap.

 Jeff Zatkoff was in goal last night and every time he plays you get that feeling the game may end up 9-8 or some insane score like that.  The Islanders were in his mouth early.  But Zatkoff said no.  The guys over at Pensblog said it best.  "Those couple of saves were tougher than any shots he faced against the Jackets in his last start."  That's about right.  Any of the 3 of us could have gotten that shutout against the Jackets in Zatkoff's last start.  The Pens finally got some stuff going.  They got a few chances on Poulin and were able to get a power play.  And the Pens cashed in.  Another pretty passing play finished by Chris Kunitz.  1-nil Pens.  Not much later the Pens got another power play.  Once again they cashed in.  James Neal sent a cross ice pass that was one timed into the net by Kunitz.  2-nil Pens.  It looked like the Pens were gonna be up 3-nil.  Kunitz again had the puck and he blew it by Poulin.  Everyone threw their hats but the referees were waiving it off.  Evgeni Malkin apparently high sticked Matt Carkner.  After seeing multiple replays it was apparent that Malkin's stick never touched Carkner.  The guys over at Pensblog have a gif in their recap.  You can see it by clicking HERE.  There was an even up call right after that so you know it was a bad call.
2nd period didn't start out the way the Pens wanted it to.  Tomas Vanek was left all alone and one timed one past Zatkoff to make it 2-1.  But not long after that Geno brought the house down.  James Neal was in all alone but didn't have a great angle to shoot so he slid the puck back to Geno.  Geno got the shot off and not really sure how it happened but the puck made its way across the goal line.  3-1 Pens.  Consol went nuts with a "Geno" chant.  Then some corporate guy bitched and the place got quiet again.  Minus us in section 120.  Brandon Sutter had a chance to make it 4-1 but couldn't beat Poulin on a breakaway.  Then the Pens pretty much imploded.  They had a 4 on 2 break.  Letang tried to hit a wide open Brian Gibbons but the puck hit his skate and the Isles went the other way.  Colin McDonald sniped one to make it 3-2.  Then Paul Martin had an awful turnover.  The Isles grabbed the puck and went to work.  For some bizarre reason Zatkoff ended up 5 feet outside his crease.  The puck got behind him and Brooks Orpik couldn't tie up Tomas Vanek.  3-3.  This game was not one of Brooks Orpik or Paul Martins finest.  Bylsma called a timeout after the Isles 3rd goal.  That's the most coaching he's done since 2009.  The Pens took unlimited penalties in the 2nd but killed every one of them.  The final 2 minutes were unreal.  The Pens had unlimited chances but couldn't cash in.  The play was fast paced and back and fourth.  Really fun to watch.  The game would go to the 3rd tied at 3.
The 3rde period was in fact exactly like the Pensblog put it "A chess match".  Neither team was taking a lot of chances.  Both teams were being cautions and trying not to make mistakes.  It looked like the game was gonna go to overtime but the Pens had other ideas.  Kunitz fore checked wonderfully and freed up the puck.  Dupuis gathered it and slid a pass to who else:
Best.  In.  The.  World.
Under rated fact.  Sid broke his stick on the goal.  That's how good he is.  Breaks his stick.  Still scores.  Loudest I've heard that arena for a regular season game in a long long time.  By the time everyone was done going crazy Tanner Glass took one of the dumbest penalties of all time and slashed someone.  It would be 6 on 4 for almost a minute.  But the Pens PK was in the Isles mouth.  Isles couldn't get anything.  Gammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmee.
1. Chris Kunitz
2. Best In The World
3. Tomas Vanek
  • Great game from Chris Kunitz
  • Still not sold on Zatkoff as this teams back up going forward.
  • Brook Orpik and Paul Martin had a rough night.
  • Geno looked like the weight of the world was lifted off his shoulders after he scored.  Wouldn't be surprised if he goes nuts now.
  • If you were in the  #FSPensSection last night.  Stick tap to you.  You guys were awesome all night.
  • Brandon Sutter looks like he has turned things around.  He was pretty bad until recently.  He's playing a lot better as of late. 
Pens next game is in Montreal in like 7 minutes.
Go Pens

Friday, November 22, 2013

PREGAME: Pens vs. Isles

Consol Energy Center. 7:00. ROOT.

It's a hockey night in Pittsburgh as the Penguins (14-8-0), who are coming off a huge 4-0 win over the Washington Capitals on Wednesday, face the New York Islanders (8-11-3), who were handed a 5-2 loss by the Toronto Maple Leafs on Tuesday. The two teams last met on October 25th at CEC, in which the Isles won 4-3.

NY's Thomas Vanek is confirmed to be returning tonight for the Isles.

Jeff Zatkoff will be in net for the Pens tonight, 20 days after his first NHL win (and shutout) against the Columbus Blue Jackets, and he is ready to go:
"I've just been working hard in practice and taking care of my game, worrying about my game and good habits, and when coach tells me it's my time to go, making sure I’m ready," Zatkoff said (via

Dan Bylsma has also made a change in the Pens' power play by moving Paul Martin to the top unit. Martin will now be skating along with Crosby, Malkin, Kunitz, and Neal.

And watch out for Section 120 tonight because it's gonna get crazy with the #FSPensSection. Mikey and Bob from 96.1 KISS FM have rallied up 100 fans to cheer and be LOUD. Hopefully it will rub off on the rest of the CEC!

(Via Daily Faceoff)

Kunitz - Crosby - Bennett
Dupuis - Malkin - Neal
Jokinen - Sutter - Gibbons
Glass - Vitale - Adams

Martin - Orpik
Maatta - Letang
Niskanen - Engelland


Vanek - Tavares - Okposo
Bailey - Nielsen - Grabner
Bouchard - Regin - Clutterbuck
McDonald - Cizikas - Martin

MacDonald - Hamonic
Donovan - Hickey
Ness - Carkner



  • PIT - Kobasew has been skating and could return to practice in a few days. Scuderi (ankle) is progressing and could return around Christmas. Vokoun (blood clot) out indefinitely.
  • NY - Visnovsky (concussion), Strait (upper-body), Nabokov (strained groin).


Thursday, November 21, 2013

D.C.'s Our House.

If you've been paying attention in recent year you know that when the Pens go to D.C. and win Pens fans storm the stairs of some museum across from Verizon Center.  There are always a ton of Pens fans in attendance when the Pens are in Washington despite Ted Leonsis' efforts to keep them away.  After each Pens win the fans storm the streets take over the step of that museum across the street.  This is video from some butt hurt DC Sports blog that our buddy Adam from The Pensblog retweeted. 

"D.C.'s Our House"
Its always fun when the Pens beat the Caps and if you need more proof go HERE where we found this video or HERE to the Pensblog and just read some of the comments from Caps fans.  Gold.
Isles tomorrow.  Be prepared to bring the noise.
Go Pens

RECAP. Red Rocked. Pens WIN

What.  A.  Game.  The Pens were on NBCSN's Rivalry Night for the 4th Wednesday in a row last night.  This time they were in Washington taking on Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals.  Going back in time a little bit to 2009, the Pens and Caps put on one of if not the most unbelievable and entertaining playoff series ever.  Jump back to last night and it felt a little bit like that 2009 series.  Both teams were flying.  Unlimited chances on either end.  And the Pittsburgh Penguins coming out on top once again.
Both teams were flying early.  Caps were getting a lot of chances.  Caps got the best chance early on a delayed penalty.  Ovi took the puck in his end and went coast to coast on got a long shot off.  Fleury saved it but there was a big rebound.  But Fleury denied them and the Caps went to the power play.  Or as we like to call it.  Ovi standing on the left wing ripping one timers.  He got a couple shots off.  One hit the post.  The other Fleury saved.  Pens killed the power play.  Then they got on the board.  Best In The World won a faceoff in the Caps zone and Paul Martin threw a harmless shot towards the goal that somehow went over Braden Holtby's shoulder.  Pretty bad goal for Holtby to give up.  1-nil Pens.  Then, Beau Bennett got into the action.  He took a pass from Malkin and ripped a shot by Holtby to make it 2-nil Pens.
There is probably a good bit of stuff we could talk about that happened this period but we aren't.  The only thing we are going to talk about is the unreal power play goal the Pens scored.  We'll let the video do the talking.

Yep.  Speechless.  Kinda like Jason Chimera right there.
Whenever there is nothing to talk about in the 3rd period you know they Pens went into shut down mode.  And that's what they did.  Completely suffocated the Caps in the 3rd.  Even in shut down mode the Pens managed another goal.  James Neal ripped a wrist shot by Holtby to make it 4-nil Pens.  Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmme.


1. Best In The World
2. The All American American Paul Martin
3. Marc Andre Fleury
  • Probably the best overall game the Pens have played all year.
  • 2 assist night for Evgeni Malkin.  He had 12 in his last 10 games.
  • Pens held Alexander Ovechkin to just 2 shots.
  • The Caps were in 1st place in the Metro for like 10 minutes.  But the Pens took that back on Monday and widened their lead last night.
  • Marc Andre Fleury was huge this game.  So many big time saves.
Pens next game is Friday against the Islanders.  The #FSPensSection is coming.  If you don't know what that is.  Search #FSPensSection on twitter or find it on the Freak Show's website. 
Go Pens

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

RECAP. Duck Sauce. Pens WIN

Forever the greatest logo in NHL history in our opinion.  Really wish the Ducks could go back to those.  Anyways the Ducks made their one trip to Pittsburgh last night and unless the Pens and Ducks meet in the Stanley Cup finals this was Teemu Selanne's last trip to Pittsburgh. :(
This was pretty much the Pens in the 1st Period:

Pens didn't get their first shot on goal til under 2 minutes left in the 1st.  Ducks had 12.  MAF kept the Pens in it.
This may or may not have happened during the 2nd Period:

Pens woke up and showed some life in the 2nd.  Still couldn't beat Fasth though.  They had a couple power plays.  The first one the first unit got a lot of good chances but couldn't score.  The controlled the puck in the Ducks zone for the most part too.  Then the puck went out of play and for some reason OCDB took the 1st unit off and put the 2nd unit on.  Then everything went to hell.  Pens got another power play late in the period that carried over to the 3rd. 
Pens couldn't cash in on the power play that carried over.  Fasth was in their mouth most of the night.  We say most because everything went to hell for the Ducks soon after.  First Malkin was on the ice with Tanner Glass and Brian Gibbons.  Malking corralled that puck in the corner and went to work.  He circled the zone and threw a pass in front to who else, Brian Gibbons playing in his first NHL game.  Gibbons deflected the pass by Fasth to make it 1-nil Pens.  Soon after that Olli Maatta threw a shot towards the goal and Suttertron got his stick on the puck that was airborne and deflected it over Fasth's shoulder to make it 2-nil Pens.  Absoutely sick deflection by Sutter.  Then the Ducks answered.  Ryan Getzlaf forced his way to the front of the net got position and banged home a reboud to make it 2-1 Pens.  Then Joe Vitale gave the Ducks more life when he took a penalty.  All this action had Ryan Mill so far behind.  He was still announcing the Sutter goal when Vitale took the penalty.  For as much talent as the Ducks have, and that his a lot, their power play is horrendous.  Pens were in their mouth.  Killed.  Ducks got more chances after the penalty was over than the did during the power play.  Fleury was coming up huge though.  The Pens would ice it though.  Best in the World came down the left wing and ripped a shot by Fasth to make it 3-1 Pens.
1. Brian Gibbons
2. Marc Andre Fleury
3. Ryan Getzlaf

  • Take away the 1st period and the Pens played a pretty good game. 
  • Kris Letang had a solid game especially in his own zone.
  • Olli Maatta was great.
  • Speaking of Olli Maatta, Teemu Sleanne said Maatta should make Finland's Olympic team.
  • MAF was locked in last night.
  • Congrats to Brian Gibbons on his first NHL goal.  Vintage Malkin on that goal.
  • #TeemuForever
  • For what its worth.  This was Brooks Orpik during a timeout last night while OCDB was drawing up a play:
Pens next game is Wednesday against Ovi and the Caps.  ROCK DA REDZ!!!!@*E&E*E@^
Go Pens