Friday, February 13, 2015

Recap: Well that was Fun- Pens win 5-4



   Well our prediction yesterday in our game day that said "Look for stuff to happen" came true. Stuff did happen. Crosby put up a two goal performance, Letang showed why he is better than Erik Karlololsson and why he is a legit Norris Trophy candidate. In addition, Chris Neil continued to show us why he's one rank above Zac Rinaldo in terms of worthless hockey players / human beings. Lastly, we learned that when the Penguins aren't injured (minus Ehrhoff) they're pretty damn good. Although the Penguins did have a 3-0 lead and let the Senators come back and score four goals in the third, the Penguins battled, and Greiss was a different goalie in the shootout.

 Let's start with the action. It only took Kris Letang a minute to show why he is just an absolute god on skates. Sutter wins the faceoff, Beau Bennett tips it to Letang and Letang just does some NHL 15 unreal power moves to skate behind the Sens net and tuck the wraparound in on Lehner. Letang's 10th from Bennett and Sutter. Just about halfway through the period, Sidney Crosby did something we're not accustomed to seeing as of late. He shot the puck. Sid just wound up a slapper from the top left circle and blasted it past Lehner. It was a pretty unreal goal and it looked like vintage Crosby showing why he's still #BestInTheWorld. Crosby's 1st of the night, 18th of the season from +/- god Rob Scuderi. So 2-0 Pens going to the second.

  So Ottawa realized that they had 40 minutes of hockey left to play and couldn't just rage quit like kids on NHL 15 do (#FireRammer). So with about 8:35 left to play in the second, Letang hauls down Bobby Ryan because Robert Bortuzzo had been caught pinching. Ryan was awarded the penalty shot and Greiss made some huge clutch pad save. Everyone was like in shock because the Pens had been dominating the last 30 minutes of hockey and Greiss gave up 3454 goals to Vancouver last Saturday. Either way, Greiss robbed Ryan and then more good stuff happened. Evgeni Malkin showed why he is playing some of the best hockey of his life this year. With 6:08 to go in the second, Blake Comeau basically had some unreal awareness to find Malkin, not once but twice and Malkin snapped the puck past Lehner. It was such a Malkin-esque goal, his 21st of the season. Of course Blake Comeau and Kris Letang would factor in on the Geno goal.


Zibanejad goal

Hoffman goal (even though it was an unreal snipe, how dare he wear #68 like that


  Sidney Crosby returns to stop the bleeding. Crosby and Kunitz have been trying this new thing where Crosby goes to the net and Kunitz finds a way to give Crosby the puck or put it on net. Lo and behold it worked again! Kunitz put the puck on net and Crosby buried the rebound. Always proving what you learn in developmental hockey is true, 'good things happen when you go to the net.' Then again if you're Sidney Crosby going to the net usually equals Dave Steckel 'accidently' trying to end your career, Orpik breaking your jaw, or just anything that else that could go wrong. Either way 4-2 Pens, Crosby's 2nd of the game, 19th of the season from Chris Kunitz. 

Mark Stone goal, cuts the lead 4-3

13 seconds later Kyle Turris ties it. 4-4.

   With Pens "Die Hard" pages calling for Greiss's life, the recall of Zatkoff and the resurrection of Jesus, the Pens pushed on into overtime. Still a point but not the way we were hoping a 3-0 lead would go. Anyway, Bob Pompeani had some unreal hot take on overtime that's worthy of sharing.

Right on, Bob!

   So if you had to pick one Penguin in the shootout to win the game, who would you pick? Let's make this easy, excluding Crosby (he doesn't do shootouts c'mon), Malkin, Letang, Hornqvist who would you pick to win it? You said David Perron right? Very good guess reader! David Perron won it and Greiss did a 180 from the third period and made some big saves when it counted. The Pens take two points and win the second of a back-to-back.


  • Chris Neil is still an irrelevant hockey player
  • Have you watched Kris Letang? Unreal 44 points, tied with Mark Giordano on the Flames, clear Norris Trophy candidate so far this year
  • Thomas Greiss stopped Bobby Ryan twice tonight in big moments
  • Interesting fact from Josh Yohe, Thomas Greiss has started 13 games, allowed 3 or more goals in 9 of those starts and 4 or more in 4 starts
  • Crosby another two goal performance, watch out gang
  • Evgeni Malkin is more #elite than Joe Flacco

Some #hottakes from last night's game:

Well Brian Kellogg it might be time for you to #LogOff for eternity. Take your family with you too

John Kennedy, I'm afraid Andrew is right. Good luck in April and May. Buckle up man.

Welp. Pens next game is on NBC Sunday at 12:30 against the Chicago Blackhawks. Can't wait to read all the 'NBC sucks' statuses / tweets during the game. You guys make it fun!

By the way despite previous reports, #JagrWatch is not dead
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