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This Date in Jagr History: February 14, 1995

#JagrWatch is losing steam and the hope is bleak. This is a few days old but Jagr History has been taking the past few days off so we're gonna post it now. New Jersey Devils beat writer Tom Gulitti wrote a fantastic piece about Jagr and the trade deadline. He does say Jagr hasn't asked for a trade, which is something we already knew, but that isn't the part to really look at in the piece. There are some unreal quotes from Jagr in here that make you respect him even more. 

People seem to think that Jagr is this big time locker room cancer who does nothing but cause problems. Some of the things Double J says really show how untrue that thought is. Jagr is just a guy playing the sport he loves. Jagr says he plans to play in the NHL next season and would even go to a tryout if it came to that. There is too much in the piece to quote but if you are a Jagr fan this is an absolute must read. 

February 14, 1995: 

IceTime (via Penguins Chronicles)

Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Boston Bruins - 3 
Pittsburgh Penguins - 5

The Penguins entered this game against Boston on a 4 game winning streak and this win pushed their streak to 5 games. Jagr scored a hat trick in this victory. In addition to his 3 goals Jagr registered 1 assist. Jagr's 3 goals came at even strength and of course, one of the goals was credited as the game winner. Double J took a team leading 7 shots in this one. The only player in the game who took more shots than Jagr in the game was the Bruins Ray Bourque, who took 9. 

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