Saturday, February 21, 2015

The 2015 #BringHomeDoubleJ Photoshop Expo: Jagr Through History

   Welp, the way we're looking at it, this post will either break the internet or break us. Throughout American history there have been many events that shaped who we are as a nation today. Little did the Pittsburgh Penguins know when they drafted Jaromir Jagr in the 5th overall of the 1990 NHL Entry Draft that they'd shape our history forever. Jagr is the second best player (behind the 'Great One') to don a Pittsburgh Penguins sweater.

   Jagr went on to record some unreal numbers throughout his NHL career. While we're writing this post, he's probably bettering himself by conditioning or lifting because they guy is an absolute legend. For starters the guy is 5th all-time in points with 1,784. Let's take a second to look at the guys in front of Jagr: Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Gordie Howe and Ron Francis. Just sit back for a second and take that in. That is elite company, and the guy at 43 is still putting up numbers. As mentioned in our Jagr birthday post, Jagr also has many other records worth noting. For example, he is 6th all-time in goals with 716 (and still adding to that total and will be tied for 5th all-time with Phil Eposito on the next one he scores). Jagr is 7th all-time in assists with 1,068 (and still adding to that). Lastly, our favorite Jaromir Jagr stat is 127. Jagr has 127 game-winning goals in his career. My god, an all-time leader in that category. When the game is on the line, you give that puck to Jagr. A true iconic legend. 

   But why are we writing this post you ask? Well one of the reasons is just for fun. The other reasons deal with trolling the Penguins 'fans' that hate Jagr and we want to be in their heads. Lastly, although hope seems to be fading daily on #JagrWatch2015, the possibility still exists. More so this year than most years. We can't say we have sources at all but out of our speculation we believe Jagr and Shero had some #tension so that may have shied the two parties away from each other. However with GMJR at the helm, the Pens are poised to win and are holding no grudges / friendships / 'get along gangs' that were had under the past administration. This year is all business and with the core of the team (Crosby, Malkin, Letang, and Fleury) aging year-by-year, you've gotta think the next few years are cup or bust. A guy like Jagr would fit perfectly here and it would be the perfect fairytale ending to such a storied career. But anyway, we wanted to take some time to put Jagr in historic pictures and hopefully you'll see what he's done for not only the Pittsburgh Penguins, but the world itself. Our goal by the end of this post is for you to want Double J back in a Penguin's uniform as bad as we do.

Hit the play button on this youtube, listen, and let the tears flow.

True Life - #JagrWatch

Made in mid January when Mark Madden broke the news of #JagrWatch being real

Jaromir Jagr on historic interstate 68 - In Grand Theft Auto IV

There was more than one sniper in Dallas that day.

Jagr was also a member of the 'Sons of Liberty' trying to gain independence from England


Jagr was also a proud fan of Dr. MLK's work and stood by him and his good fight

American troops also thought very highly of Jagr and fought for him as well

If you're lucky enough to visit the Statue of Jagr in New York City, it is a sight to see

Jagr also did some wrastling in his day - 'Jagr Mania' is what it was referred to as , and it still runs wild today

Jagr also posed bare ass for the world to see, although his is much nicer

There's no need for an explanation

        Made on Valentine's Day to show support for his fans

Happy 43rd birthday to the legend himself

Mount Jagr-more

The Savior we need

  We know these photoshops are very subpar but they capture Jagr in the moment, which is what we were aiming for. These images should just tell you what a great guy Jaromir Jagr is. A humanitarian, giver, patriot, civil rights activist, and ass model Jaromir Jagr did it all. 

Jagr gets a lot of heat from people who are stuck in the past. Yet, for the first time in a long time, the Jagr hate is starting to go away. The group of Jagr supporters is growing as more and more as people want that fairy tale ending. All we can do is hope that our dreams will come true. After all #JagrWatch has put the Penguins fan base through, it is nothing short of destiny that it will happen. Every second of #JagrWatch, from tracking his plane and researching turtle mating patterns to Jagr signing with the Flyers, will have been worth it. The thought of Sidney Crosby handing the Stanley Cup to Jagr is one that only lives only in our imaginations, but one day it will become a real life memory that we will never forget. Then one day when we go to a Penguins game, we will look up to the Consol Energy Center rafters and see the Stanley Cup Banners, we will see the number 21 and 66 banners hanging. Then we will see the number 68 forever hanging , and we will remember all the highs and lows of #JagrWatch and we will remember the day that the living legend Jaromir Jagr, finally came home.

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